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Monstrous Regiment
30-05-2014, 13:12
I know there have been numerous posts and guides about cutting up the 50 or so DKoK guardsmen from the "infantry squads for Gorgon" set that FW sells, but I haven't seen any recent ones addressing their size. I can't remember where I read this but I've heard that the Gorgon troops are actually a couple of mm smaller than the other krieg infantry you can buy, so I'm wondering if this is true and how much different would they look? Would it still be feasible to use spare special weapons arms from other krieg sets to create a more cost effective DKoK force out of these gorgon troops? or is it no longer worth the effort?

This is the kit I'm referring to btw:

30-05-2014, 21:11
If I remember correctly, although it was very much doable, it was deemed not worth it, because of the time and effort needed to do it well (cutting and green-stuffing takes time). Also, they are sort of just standing there, not looking very "action" like.

EDIT: I suppose if you are going for something like the DEATH KORPS OF KRIEG INFANTRY SQUAD AT EASE (http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Warhammer-40000/Imperial_Guard/Death-Korps-of-Krieg/DEATH_KORPS_OF_KRIEG_INFANTRY_AND_ACCESSORIES/DEATH-KORPS-OF-KRIEG-INFANTRY-SQUAD-AT-EASE.html), then it works very well.