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30-05-2014, 15:36
Has anyone had experience modeling White Wolves or a similar unit onto some of the big 40k wolves for a Ulrican-themed monstrous cavalry unit. Also, has anyone ever tried to build a unit similar to Teutogen Guard without having to resort to buying them off the internet for a pretty steep price? I've been wanting to build a Ulric/Middenland theme force to complement for Nordland Army and both of those ideas I've been wanting to try.


30-05-2014, 18:08
I have contemplated building Teutogen conversions, though I do have a 25-strong T guard unit of the metal models. My thought had been to get hammer-wielding arms from Empire knights box, some cloaks from knights box and bits from elsewhere bought off ebay, and then use wilder-haired heads from a combination of knights box, flagellants box, and militia box.

30-05-2014, 18:25
Search google images for ulric army or middenheim army, you'll find what you seek :)

31-05-2014, 11:29
TBO - the bearded one has done exactly that conversion, go to the fantasy log section or search his username