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02-06-2014, 05:27

Hi to all ;

I had several requests asking me to find that particular warhawk. Can anyone say if it was very rare, unreleased, etc .... ?
I didn't remember seeing it before ....

All the best ;


02-06-2014, 06:27
I may be being very dense, but isn't that just one of the current models? They're out of stock at the moment, which may be why you're getting a lot of requests.

Lord Shadowheart
02-06-2014, 13:08
Off memory, I believe theres 3 differant varients of the current warhawk riders, this particular one is the one I'm missing as well.

02-06-2014, 14:25
I would say "rare" indeed based on how fast GW is apparently trying so hard restock WE products...cough* sarcasm cough*.... I have been watching it since release and it has been out of stock for over a month now, along with a lot of other products and I eventually gave up and bought the Hobbit eagles and converted some Glade guard to throw on their backs. I was surprised how big the Hobbit eagles were because LOTR/Hobit models are usually much smaller. The WH eagles are much smaller and metal so if you need WR now I would go the route I did.

Ultimate Life Form
02-06-2014, 22:34
Indeed a whole lot of products seem to be out of stock for prolonged periods of time, among them many very old and well established things that I don't expect to suddenly shift unforeseeably large quantities on short notice. It's quite intriguing I say. You'd think they'd have a few spare units lying around? Do they produce their stuff on demand or something? However I suspect this has been the case all along; it's just that with the new website you see on first glance what's up and what not.