View Full Version : chaos dwarfs 2k list for rate!

19-06-2006, 11:40
CD lord, gt.taurus, heavy armour, shield, obsidian blade, talisman of protection, 444pts

hobogobbo hero, extra hand weapon, wolf, armour of the furnance, 101pts

CD sorcerer, lv2, 2 dispel scrolls, lore of shadows, 150pts

bull centaur hero, heavy armour, sword of might, enchanted shield, gauntlets of b...what ever.. the cruel, 154pts

dwarfs, 15 man, blunderbuss, 180pts

dwarfs, 15 man, blunderbuss, 180pts

dwarfs, 15 man, blunderbuss, 180pts

hobogobbos, 10 man, wolfs, bows, 150pts

death rocket, 80pts

2 x hobogobbo balistas (total) 60pts

sneaky gitz, 20 man, 100pts

earthshaker, 110pts

earthshaker, 110pts

this is my first list, i haven't even named the chars. yet, would be happy if i got name sugestions.

19-06-2006, 12:30
well the obsidian blade never makes its points back...
take a Great weapon and the Armor of Gaz on this character...
your hobgoblin character may never use his Add/HW on wolfback... take a GW instead...
drop the level 2 on the sorceror... 4 dice is getting you no farther than 3...
rather see a Great weapon on the BC hero for those S7 hitz...

wolfboy bows are not very good... i'd drop em...
and for the points get a musician, Light armor and shields for this unit...
it retains fast cav even when completely armoured...
like to see a musician in the git unit as well...