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05-06-2014, 04:25

Master Engineer

Battle Wizard
Lvl 2, Shadow

Battle Standard
Full plate, shield, dragonhelm

Arch Lector
heavy armor, enchanted shield, 4++

Battle Wizard Lord
Lvl 3 , Metal




Demygryph Knights


Great Cannon

Helblaster Volley Gun

heres my list, Mainly I want to think about reworking the characters for my army.

Mentat Bashar
05-06-2014, 12:26
Nice, "friendlier" list that what you normally see on the internetz. My two cents: maybe swap the lvl2 for a second priest, preferably with the reiksguard, also drop 8 swordsmen and add 2 more knights. Maybe if you made the reiksguard into inner circle knights, turned the demigryph champ into a standard bearer you could give a them a banner?

05-06-2014, 16:14
yeah the thing about standards on demigryohs is if you flee then 1/3 or 1/2 of your unit dies automatically... so I took a champion just because I actually dont hate the idea of using him in a challenge against some minor charactors or whatever.

I wish i could get a magic banner without the standard bearer haha.

yeah a mounted warrior priest would go just as well as a lvl 2 with my list, if I get a model i might do that.

Mentat Bashar
05-06-2014, 17:46
Yeah I know what you mean, I field 2 units of demis, 1 of them with a banner. But yeah, maybe with only one unit you don't want to risk losing the banner, on the other hand every time I've lost with demis in combat the unit was pretty much destroyed anyway!

I used some white wolf bits, a bald head from maxmini and some bitz (scrolls, purity seals) to make my own mounted priest, it looks the part.

05-06-2014, 19:09
I kit bashed a warrior priest on foot already, I like the look. I think I could do that.

I need to buy more knights is all. Then I could make one.

The reiksguard I use as a road block for a particular unit, I charge in then challenge the unit champion to keep them in combat for a while. I did this against my brother's rangers.

would a unit of 15 reiksguard + a warrior priest? hatred + lances is really really good, plus reroll to wound or 5++ would be amazing for knights to have.

Mentat Bashar
09-06-2014, 13:25
I would personally use the RG as a hammer unit flanking my main regiments (usually halberdiers), a WP is great to have in there, although for 15 RG I would instead include a killy hero for better combat resolution. But it depends, try it out and see how it goes!

09-06-2014, 19:59
I converted a warrior priest and a knight, so now im gonna run 9 reiksguard + WP and see how that goes.

hatred + lances is probably the best thing a mounted WP can give us. besides maybe reroll to wound or something else. Those prayers just help everyone.

Mentat Bashar
18-06-2014, 13:52
How did it go with your list? I'm getting tired of my old 2k setup and was thinking of mimicking this list...:D

18-06-2014, 13:57
I may have read this wrong but how are you legally using 4 hellblasters and 4 great cannons in a 2K list? Also I would not consider 8 pieces of artillary 'friendly'.

Mentat Bashar
18-06-2014, 14:26
He's referring to the number of models...but yes, it's a bit misleading...

18-06-2014, 14:30
I may have read this wrong but how are you legally using 4 hellblasters and 4 great cannons in a 2K list? Also I would not consider 8 pieces of artillary 'friendly'.
By my count, it's more than a 2000 point list anyway.

Mentat Bashar
18-06-2014, 14:33
It is? I never bothered to check :confused: Ah, well...*shrugs*

19-06-2014, 02:06
yes sorry guys, same thing happened elsewhere.

i am not the kind of douche that would run 4 GC's and 4 HBVG's (and yeah, illegal) also that would not be friendly.