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08-06-2014, 06:22
Hi all,

I am looking at the word of pain spell from lore of dark magic. Am I reading it correctly, that there is no minimum on the stat reductions on the unboosted version? Meaning we could reduce models to ws 0 for example? In the BRB it is described that models with no ws are hit automatically and that generally 0 means no ability what so ever in that skill, so can models with 0 ws not attack either?

This would be my reading I dont believe any rolls are made to hit therefore the stipulation that 6's always hit does not come into effect.

08-06-2014, 15:56
WS0 means they cannot attack, just like BS0 means they cannot shoot. Doesn't matter if they have a weapon or gun, if it is 0 they cannot use it. So you are correct. The only restriction is the more powerful version that can effect the Strength and Toughness, where as those two characteristics cannot fall below 1.