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09-06-2014, 21:50
What is the best way to do a traitor guard army now that CSM and demons are "CTA" allies with IG/AM, considering a BF army?

09-06-2014, 22:04
Probably wait until FW puts out its Traitor Guard book, which is supposed to come soonish.

The other way would be to field Wyrdvanes and Primaris psykers using Malefic Demonology. Any other chaotic allies can just deal with the deployment restrictions.

09-06-2014, 22:15
CTA isnt all that bad...

You cant deploy within 12" and if ye within 6" you have a 1 in 6 chance of bad stuff... 1 in 6! difficult terrain test...

meh if you wanna do a TG army do one CTA can easily be played around.

infact its even more fun to do one now. since you can stack allies:
You could have ye IG primary
Some chaos marine alpha legion
then a bunch of orks modelled as chaos mutants :D

Also the one eye open rule is actually awesome fluffy if you think about it like this:
They cant do anything on a 1 (the IG unit), if marines or daemons were that close and they were indoctrinated there is a fair chance they would just stand there in awe or get on there knees in the middle of the battle and start worshipping them :D

Lord Damocles
09-06-2014, 22:32
The actual list which represents actual traitor guard.

09-06-2014, 22:45
Also if CTA really is an issue you could do CSM and orks.

Either have cultists as the guardsmen or have really malnourished guys in the shape of grots :D
again orks as mutants
all kinds of cool chaosy unmaintained IG vehicles you can covert with truk, battle waggon, looted vehicle etc rules.
lots you can covert with the ork codex

10-06-2014, 15:23
I was thinking a traitor guard similar to Blood Pact or Sons of Sek, not just a cultist army.
The IG/AM with Wyrdvanes and Primaris psykers using Malefic Demonology looks like the best option so far to represent this.

Is the TG book by FW a real thing, or just a rumor?

10-06-2014, 15:42
Is the TG book by FW a real thing, or just a rumor?

FW announced it at one of their recent shows, but it doesn't have a release date yet.

11-06-2014, 02:53
Playing Traitor Guard has nothing to do with access to Daemons, simply build and theme your IG list to represent a cadre of humans who worship Chaos rather than Him on Terra.

If you think you want Chaos Worshippers who actually routinely consort with Daemons build your Traitor Guard list with the CSM Codex and a lot of Cultists and add Daemons freely.
Apart from one or two instances you can avoid including CSM's in the force altogether and in those few cases where they can't be avoided, simply come up with a halfway reasonable explanation as to why something with abilities comparable to a Space marine are present in the force - This is my Traitor General, he killed an Inquisitor and took the guy's Terminator armour or This is my Traitor Commissar, he rides a custom built war-podium that counts as a suit of Terminator armour. You could even give a human a suitably impressive mount and have the two of them count as a Daemon Prince with no problem whatsoever (guys on the back of big monsters aren't hard to come by in the GW ranges).

11-06-2014, 13:00
AM with Daemon CtA allies. Leave all the Daemons in reserve for Deep Strike deployment avoiding the 12" shenanigans.

The "stop on a one" rule represents the humans alternately awestruck or horrified by the abominations they have brought into the world.

Alternatively, when the Daemons roll a one they have simply turned round to...stare...at the allied humans for a time, before continuing with the battle.