View Full Version : Starting CSM is the CSM Attach Force Good Value?

Captain Ron
10-06-2014, 00:04
So I am getting back into 40k after some time off and I was wondering with the new edition how good of a value is the Chaos Space Marine Attach Force? I know itís like 50 bucks off compared to if you bought everything individually, but is it a good starting force for a new CSM army? Would you use everything? Also if you could recommend what to get next to help flesh it out that would be great. I am planning to go either IW or NL so I will be buying the CSM upgrades for my normal marines, so while they used to not be the greatest choice I still will include probably 1-2 squads of them.

10-06-2014, 14:37
Google and one click says: http://www.40kforums.com/vb/showthread.php/46042-Chaos-space-marine-attack-force

Overall opinion I agree with. From a competitive CSM point of view, slightly updated to fit 7th edition:

- Terminator HQs - No
- Terminators - No
- Chaos Marines - Maybe / Yes, if you convert to plague marines
- Rhino - Yes
- Havocs / Talons - No / No
- Maulerfiend / Forgefiend - Yes / No

So value for money is good, because you get stuff for free. If you want a good army, then not so much.

10-06-2014, 14:41
It doesn't include anything unplayable-bad and avoids pitfalls like Possessed, Thousand Sons and Defilers. So on the basis that everything is at least an option for casual gaming, it's worthwhile if you make use of every model and don't intend to take it for heavy gaming.
From a stricter view regarding tournament play, nothing in the list has much lifespan outside of 'fun' builds. Chaos Marines are rarely taken in favour of Cultists, Terminators are rarely seen for anything other than Termicide (and even then it's hardly a great unit) and the only things likely to see regular use are the Maulerfiend (Not Forgefiend) and the Rhino.

For the friendly local store or building up a random CSM army it's good enough and the saving is useful. If you want to take 'hard' units and stick to the stronger bits of the book I'd look elsewhere.

10-06-2014, 15:06
Not really 5 raptors are pretty bad this edition, forgefiend is too easy to kill really,Basic marines are worse than taking a swarm of cultists.

the terminator lord is nice and the rhino you might find a use for but basically sets like this they dump in the crap that does not sell so people think they are getting a deal but find out later why it was cheaper.