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10-06-2014, 16:27
Alright guys, got a 1000 pts tourney in two months so doing up a mono Khorne list. It will be entirely painted in red in Khorne colors and symbols. I've not given the mark of Khorne to all the units for two very important reasons - points and not having frenzy on everything for army control. Would you dock me points for sportsmanship for this? I want to have a really high standard for painting as well as try to win it all/best general.

Exalted Hero (in Marauders) 116 pts
- Great Weapon

29 Chaos Marauders 262 pts
- Full Command
- Shields, Light Armour

Chaos Chariot 110 pts

6 Chaos Knights 268 pts
- Standard
- Ensorcelled Weapons

3 Skull Crushers 244 pts
- Standard
- Ensorcelled Weapons

Total 1000 pts

Let me know,


10-06-2014, 19:31
Marauder footmen are nearly useless.

Better to go with a smaller unit of warriors IMO.

Don't forget a unit or two of dogs. They're one of the best chaff units in the game.

Yersinia Pestis
14-06-2014, 02:10
Yeah, doggies.... Who doesn't like them?

29-06-2014, 02:06
Scyla pretty cool at 1k points