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13-06-2014, 00:10
Hi All,

Playing in a tournament in August and I thought instead of taking my Empire or Vampires (there's just too many other players with them at the event) I thought I would put together an army that's a bit rarer. I was tossing up between Beastmen and the Tomb Kings, and Tomb Kings won.

So while I wait for my models to arrive, I've been writing up lists. This one is the one I like the most but I want some feedback by people who have actually played the army.

Tournament is 2400 points, Swedish Comp 6-16, playing all scenarios except Watchtower.

2400 Pts - Tomb Kings Roster
Total Roster Cost: 2398
Comp - 9.9


Liche High Priest - Lvl4, Dispel Scroll

High Queen Khalida


Tomb Prince - Charmed Shield, Chariot


38 Skeleton Archers - Musician, Standard (Khalida and Liche Priest here)

5 Chariots - Champion, Musician, Standard (Tomb Prince here obviously)

5 Skeleton Horse Archers


4 Necropolis Knights- Musician, Standard Bearer

2 x Khemrian Warsphinx


Casket of Souls

2 x Screaming Skull Catapult

Once again, any feedback is appreciated.

13-06-2014, 04:01
Down right mean. I like it.

13-06-2014, 09:52
First off, I haven't played with Tomb Kings in ages and not in this ed. so I'm probably just blowing smoke - however a couple of things come to mind.

I like the list, but I'm worried you might miss a bit more chaff, than just the one unit of horse archers, as the core of your army is pretty static? Also, if you could squeeze in a magic weapon for your prince, I think that would help him kill a more varied sorta stuff immensely.

Anyways, just my two cents - I'm sure the list can dish out a lot of damage, it might have even inspired me to start playing with the desert skellies again :)

13-06-2014, 10:42
A couple of points:

- what do you want your Prince to achieve? At the moment he's an expensive addition to the unit and only bringing some S4 attacks. I'd be tempted to take him out and switch to having 2 units of 4 chariots for additional versatility. You will be unlikely to get a unit of 6 into combat for the S5 hits (you only have to lose one chariot after all and then you have 110 points in two other chariots bringing nothing to the battle. Better to have 4D6 S4 hits on two different targets than 3D6 S5 hits on one target.

- Khalida. I'm not sold on the idea unless you can bring a mega unit of archers i.e. 70+ (which you can't under the comp). At the moment you will be getting 29 shots at BS3 (I think from memory) and poison. That translates to just 4 or 5 automatic wounds and then a bunch of S3 hits. If you can get smiting off then it's better of course, but any sensible opponent will dispel that as a priority against a Khalida list. I think dropping her, adding a level 4 light or death instead and then spending the remaining points on more chaff would serve you better.

- chaff: you definitely need more horsemen. If you want to run a khalida bow line then you need to be holding up enemy units so you have time to damage them enough. 2 x 5 as minimum, but better to have 3 x 5 for your list I think.

- Warpshinxes. I love the models for these guys, but in a competitive environment they are true cannon bait. They can wreck infantry, but all the hard lists these days bring cav, MC, or are so fast your slow sphinxes won't get near them. You could probably make them work by hiding behind LOS blocking terrain until your poison bows/casket take out the cannons and then use them as counter chargers to defend your gunline, but that definitely isn't going to be easy.

- last point, put a champ in your bow unit to challenge out hitty flying single models who will be going straight for your big archer unit with Khalida and Hierophant.

Hope that is useful, best of luck.

13-06-2014, 11:18
Not enough archers to make Khalida worth it, imo

13-06-2014, 15:52
You need at least 50 archers for Khalida to be worth it. Any less and you're better off just buying more archers for the 300+ points that you're spending on her.

Drop the chariot off the prince, and split the chariot unit into two smaller units of 3. The increased threat range of two small units gives them substantially more utility, and makes them less of a target (basically anything can chew through a unit of chariots if it doesn't get a charge off, which it won't always be able to - but people won't charge one if it means getting counter-charged by the other). Then put the prince in with the archers instead, so that they can double as a combat block.

The prince also needs a great weapon. S4 is worthless. Give him glittering scales for protection, or even just a dragonbane gem.

Your necroknights need another body. 4 isn't enough, unless you're entombing them (which you shouldn't in this list).

Finally, put fiery roar on those warsphinxes. You don't want to blow it on the first round of combat, but save it until you think it can tip the scales to break the enemy.