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19-06-2006, 22:03
I'm looking into having a go at a superhero RPG, and am looking for an opinion on what one(s) to look at. Would my esteemed peers be able to give their views on which ones are worthwhile?

19-06-2006, 23:35

Well I can recommend in the inexpensive and excellent (I've been playing it on and off for years Squadron UK (formally known as Golden Heroes) you can get the character gen here:

And the campaigns stuff here:

There is plenty of free stuff including a short version of the rules here as well:

I am biast as I did all the artwork for it. But its a great game, hence the fact I did it for free. Enjoy


Hate Train
20-06-2006, 05:09
Sounds like fun. But as always I'm only in if gratuitous violence is allowed. Personally, I find the idea of "Man Face" thwarting the gruesome rampage of "The Human Septic Tank" by melting said villain's esophagus with the power of the sun reflected from his "Teeth o' Might" quite charming.

Unfortunately, interest for this topic of Rp will be limited.

20-06-2006, 05:19
I played a bit years ago. I liked it, but it all depends on the group - as always.

24-06-2006, 01:14
The obvious question is whether you're a Rules Lite or Rules Heavy fan, Minister?


24-06-2006, 02:15
I;d reccomend either Blood of Heroes if you can get it. for the rules system (which is the old DC superheroes game system), not the sad background fluff which is crap, or Mutants and Masterminds from Green Ronin. I've written for one and love both both. (you guess which :) )

24-06-2006, 20:21
Mutants and master minds i hear is good, or theres always heros unlimited if you dont mind mile high rifts charater sheets:eyebrows:

25-06-2006, 16:26
I've had a swatch through Mutants and Masterminds (although it was the first edition) and Abberant, and I must say that I fancy the style of M&M more, being an old Marvel stalwart (though sorely tempted to hit the button for my Amazon order list and blow about a hundred quid on assorted DC and 2000 AD collections).

As for weight of rules, most of the RPing I've done has been WFRP or D&D, although I've pottered at others. Anything much heavier than that tends to weigh down a bit.

I'm still lamenting City of Villains being a MMORPG instead of being a propper game.

25-06-2006, 20:41
I've personally never had an experience with the "weight" of rules, since ultimately it comes down to the negotiation between the players and the GM. Indeed, some of the most ponderous and tedious games that I've ever experienced were actually "rules lite" games.

From the sounds of it you require a bit more flexibility than Abherrant. What about HERO? Or GURPS Supers? Both might be system intensive, but I have a personal preference for having a detailed system to which I then map over a simpler system, more specifically the FUDGE qualitative terms. It works for me.