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Gremore Dysart
20-06-2006, 02:59
Well I'm thinking of running a game where we are in an assassins guild and each one is given a "hit" (job) then the person gets sent on the job. They have to RP the actual "hit" and them killing it. Basicly it will be set where ever the people who join decide.
I'll basicly ask each of you what you would prefer, in the time of swords only or the present time. So post if your interested.
I'm also willing to take any suggestions you have. I'll be playing the part of the messenger, the person who tells you who you have to kill.

Hate Train
20-06-2006, 05:02
Seems like fun, but the problem here is that this is not really an Rp as much as one person giving a prompt and another person writing a story based on it. Perhaps we could be given conflicting missions instead?

Gremore Dysart
22-06-2006, 01:51
You see that was meant to be a supprise! Like 2 assassins on the same job competing. Or even assassin being asked to kill another assassin.

22-06-2006, 09:37
heck I'm Interested!

Maybe we are a small band of assasins on the run from the law after we have been set up by either our target, someone in our own organisation or someone else.

I don't know. So where exactly is it set....?

Gremore Dysart
22-06-2006, 13:27
Where would you prefer, I'm easy. Go ideas for either now-ish period or for medevil period. Also, don't mind my spelling I kinda suck at spelling.

23-06-2006, 07:36
I reckon sorta now-ish. That gives people the option of being a close up killer with knives and stuff, or a long range killer with a sniper rifle or whatever.
But yeah, I'm interested.

Gremore Dysart
23-06-2006, 07:48
Ok so a vote, so far i have 1 vote for now. Anymore?
Oh and tonight i'll try and remember to post an intro to the game. Anyone here seen the film assassins with sylvester stallone and antonio baderas in it? Well if so forget everything in that one.
If you've seen Leon, then study it carefully!

Heinrich Jäger
25-06-2006, 21:12
Looks cool, I vote for now-ish

25-06-2006, 22:34
I vote [very] near future-ish, so nothing's actually change tech-wise, but we can have our own made-up politicians to assassinate [as much as it would be to shoot George W. Bush in the eye...] for our own made-up reasons.

Now, should I be a strange knife-fighter, or a cool, calm and collected sniper?...

Gremore Dysart
25-06-2006, 22:57
i chose knife fighter and its a good idea to make it now-ish technology standards.
But i was going to make it like another reality. Exactly the same as this one we live in but with made up people.

26-06-2006, 08:21
Well, I'm going to go with a sniper type guy. More details will come later

Gremore Dysart
26-06-2006, 13:43
Thanks if everyone would put up a short character explanation, for example:

Favoured style:

things like that.

26-06-2006, 13:48
I vote now-ish as well. I might be in. I will try to post a character if i have time but i am also running the SW RPG so i might have to let this one slide. pity it looks like fun.

Gremore Dysart
26-06-2006, 17:41
Thanks for showing the interest.

Gremore Dysart
28-06-2006, 03:52
Hello people? I need character BIOs then we can start!

29-06-2006, 15:38
Name: Dernan Vack
Alias: Klick
Age: 27
Description: Tall and lanky, about 6'4". Has neat black hair, blue eyes behind a pair of dark sunglasses. Always wears a dark grey suit.
Weapons: 2x .22 caliber semi auto pistols (silenced). Heavily modified L42A1 sniper rifle (silenced).
Bio: A friendly, easy going bloke from Sydney's north west. He is very patient and almost never get angry or loses control.
History: Ran away from home at 15 and stowed away on cruise ship. He managed to steal some clothes from a couple of passengers and set himself up in an empty crew cabin. While on the ship he managed to get into trouble with a mafia boss, who decided not to kill Dernan if he'd work for the mafia. He quickly agreed. Since then he's trained as a sniper and killed countless enemies of the mafia. Including politicians and rival crime lords.
Favoured style: Usually observes his mark for a few days before making the hit. Klick finds somewhere there is a good probability the mark will go to, a favourite resturant, a park they stroll through on their lunch break or somesuch. Then selects a good vantage point (often more than 500 meters away) from which to make his shot.

Hope this is ok, PM me if there're any probs and we'll work them out.

29-06-2006, 21:17
Name: Real name unknown
Alias: 'Mercutio'
Age: Real age unknown, estimated at early twenties
Description: Not very tall but thin, 'Mercutio' is the ultimate close-combat fighter, with wild red hair, pale skin and blazing orange eyes he is often the most shocking and the last thing his marks ever see. Mercutio wears a tuxedo, but he doesn't do up any of the buttons on his shirt or jacket.
Bio: Mercutio suffers fro Bipolar disorder, he uses his 'sad' times to watch people, whether it be his marks, or friends, or an employer, and formulates plans, how to kill the mark, or how to get more money out of his employers. When manic, he often puts these plans into action, and they have never failed, yet.
History: Orphaned when he was young, Mercutio was found by a Mafia boss and brought up to be the perfect killer and tool for the Mafia.
Favoured style: Mercutio likes to get his hands dirty, strangling or knifing is his prefered style of assassination.

02-07-2006, 15:18
I'm in!

Description:Rarely speaks; long, black trench coat normally worn, also has a modern day ninja-style suit.
Bio:Very cool, calm and calculating. A ruthless killer that cares not who he kills, only that he gets payed and can enjoy the kill.
History:Born in Osaka, Japan, Miyamoto had an obsession with Ninja and Samurai as a small boy. He is a descendant of Musashi Miyamoto, and has based his fighting styles upon his teachings. He eventually became a lone hitman.
Weapons:A katana and Wakizashi, FN P90 SMG and various ninja-style throwing weapons.
Favoured style:A master of stealth, Miyamoto prefers to take his target out swiftly and quietly, rather than to go in guns blazing! His favourite assassination technique is the use of poisons and attacking from rooftops.

Gremore Dysart
02-07-2006, 16:07
Ok people who want to play have till tomorrow or i'm starting it.

02-07-2006, 20:23
Note: Ninja throwing weapons [shuriken] were not used for killing, they were used for distraction, or to merely maim the opponent to slow him or her down so the Ninja can get away or kill the opponent.

Ninja weren't warriors. Ninja were spies.

03-07-2006, 07:14
Yes I am aware of that. But a shuriken is still a weapon, and that's why it is there. My character is more of an amalgamation of both Ninja and Samurai(hence the katana and wakizashi a la miyamoto Musashi). Ninjas weren't JUST spies, they were also assassins. Which is what the roleplaying is about, so I guess that works.