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24-06-2014, 15:15
Hi folks!

I got from a friend an old DE metal dragon. Which Im using for my we. However, the rider is really off puting.

Any ideas for riders? Btw I got 0 green stuff skills, but o can cut and fill gaps with liquid green stuff.

Im planning on buying the lord on horse so if he's an option I'll need a replacement for him then.

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24-06-2014, 15:17
The lord on stag?

24-06-2014, 15:38
I allready have him as such, ups!
I like my diversity you know XD.
Its allready killing me that my skink priests came 2 of a kind

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24-06-2014, 19:15
Have you considered using the legs from the Dark Elf rider (since they should fit correctly on the Dragon), and using Wood Elf parts to finish the model?

The legs will be the most important bit. If they're too narrow, they won't fit. If they're too wide, it's going to look bad.

24-06-2014, 20:22
I have, still have no idea on the torso. I just ordered 3 boxes of ww rangers, so its head will be unit champion.
Was also thinking about getting 1 metal wild rider. Use the noble for the dragon and the wild rider with another torso / head for the noble

My problem is the torso.
My last resort if I find a single wild rider is glue an extra wardancer torso on top, they sort of fit (I saw someone do that for wild riders in a log here).

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27-06-2014, 11:12
Since Wood Elf's are evidently to cool to use saddles (as indicated by the twilight sisters, old wood elf dragons, and the warhawk mini's) why not just have one standing on his head or back or something?

27-06-2014, 11:31
I've tried, but I dont think I can pull it. The old dragon's chair was on a slope sort of on his back so no much place to put anything there. Maybe the horned hero with bow and a hawk could be, but I think his pose has to long a stance for the space it has