View Full Version : War Litter+Arabyan Carpet?

25-06-2014, 21:21
I haven't a skaven book close at hand for the moment so here's the question:

Can a skaven warlord on war litter use Arabyan Carpet?

26-06-2014, 01:03
Doesn't the carpet say only unmounted models can use it?

26-06-2014, 11:14
No rulebook at hand so cannot check the exact wording, but if that's the case the answer must be NO!, aye?

26-06-2014, 11:37
Yup. "Models on foot only" is the line so no dice. Same reason Slann can't have one either.

26-06-2014, 13:38
Okay, I thought it was ''infantry only'' but it's hard to check when your books aren't close at hand, thanks for the replies!

26-06-2014, 17:32
It's not infantry only tho; monstrous infantry can use it too. They just can't have a mount of any kind, even if the mount doesn't change their troop type.