View Full Version : WoC Slaanesh army - new to fantasy

26-06-2014, 17:41
Hi guys,

new to fantasy, and just read through the WoC army book and was looking to build a slaanesh army, and need some tips. Im thinking 1500 points and mostly mounted, as i enjoy the models they have for cavalry and mounts.

Exalted hero - 174
-mark of slaanesh
-steed of slaanesh
-poisonous slime
-soul feeder

chaos sorcerer - 200
-mark of slaanesh
-daemonic mount, barding

10 marauder horsemen - 190
-mark of slaanesh

2 chaos chariots - 230
-mark of slaanesh

5 chaos knights - 250
-full command
-mark of slaanesh
-ensorcelled weapons

gorebeast chariot - 130
-mark of slaanesh

chaos giant - 205
-mark of slaanesh

2x chaos spawn - 120
-mark of slaanesh

any feedback is appreciated! im not sure whether the MoS on everythings will be useful - or a better loadout for exalted hero. i wanted a fun to paint and fluffy army to start in fantasy.