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20-06-2006, 14:14
Sorry if this ends up in the wrong area, but Im just wondering if anyone has seen the new Skaven background book for Warhammer RPG, and if so, is it usefull in any way, fluff or otherwise, for us Skaven players of Warhammer Fantasy?

20-06-2006, 20:19
You are talking about the book"Children of the Horned Rat" written for the Warhammer Fantasy RPG.

I own the book, but haven't had the time to read it up to now. But even from flipping though I must say, this is a must-buy for any true Skaven fan, even if you already own the army book AND "The loathsome Ratmen".

The first chapter (22 pages) describes, what the Empire knows of the Skaven (similar to "loathsome Ratmen".
The second Chapter are 9 pages history including 2 pages detailed timeline.
The third chapter describes the Skaven society/behavior (14 pages).
The fourth chapter (14 pages) describe Skaven settlements, giving names and detailing a sample settlement. Also sample Warbands.
The fifth chapter (24 pages) is on Skaven warfare, describing the different troop types, the weapons, magic and artefacts.
The sixth chapter (17 pages) gives you all rules and stats to create a player Skaven character, from human slave to grey seer, all careers you would expect.
The seventh chapter (12 pages) gives the game master some ideas, how to incorporate Skaven into a campaign, as characters or NPCs. Also some rat monster stats.
The last chapter (9 pages) gives a small introductory RPG adventure.
The book has an index.

Every Skaven player interested in background and worth his whiskers should have this book. It gives more depth to your gaming.

P.S.: Don't forget to read the novel "Skaven Slayer" from the Gotrek and Felix series.