View Full Version : 1500 'Light Council' Empire list - Advice (really) welcome

02-07-2014, 18:51
Hello All,

Toying around with a 1500 Light Council themed list for a 4 player friendly tourney this saturday.
I will be up against Skaven, Beastmen(Or Demons) and Wood Elves...

I'm not too sure about it myself, seems super high risk but thought i'd get some opinions!

Arch Lector: Enchanted Shield; heavy armour 109
The War Altar of Sigmar 150
General of the Empire: Enchanted Shield; additional hand weapon; full plate armour 112

Battle Wizard: Lore of Light 65
Battle Wizard: Dispel Scroll; Lore of Light 90
Battle Wizard: Lore of Light 65
Battle Wizard: Lore of Light 65
Captain of the Empire: heavy armour; shield; Battle Standard 89

25 Swordsmen: Duellist; musician; standard bearer 205
10 Crossbowmen 90
10 Crossbowmen 90

Great Cannon 120

Steam Tank 250

1,500 points

02-07-2014, 19:49
At one point in time i went mass magic but i have learnt you need armies to protect your wizards.

02-07-2014, 20:18
Yeh I figures they were a little squishy but bunker them up in or behind the swordsmen/crossbowmen.

They should have a bit of sticking power with bsb, general.. Hatred from the war alter and potential prayer buffs and lore of light buffs...

Only reason I wouldn't put all my mages in sword unit is Skaven's horrible 'turn everyone into rats' spell.

Just feel I'm a bit risky with very low level of troops on the field.