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Daemon king Mad Dog
20-06-2006, 19:41
A new host of conversion ideas! Me and my bro (lord general luamnem) and JIbbbman have decided to create space dwarves, using the space marines codex, now, just earlier today (just before P.E.) We came up with the idea, and with more expansion, we decided to base the army around the fantasy army and.... dragons!!!! instead of land speeders, Flying Dragons! whirl winds will just be a grudge thrower with wheels, powered by a boar or donkey or may be even a motorbike I myself have made a space dwarf model, and i have to say it looks great! although i have no bolters with me, i did have a melta gun, now, i couldn't get his hands around the melta, so i went for a plasma gun, it took me about an hour ( i have only just finished) of it falling apart (it is held together by poor quality blue tak, so that we can change it when Jib comes round on thursday) but i think i have finaly managed it, as i don't want to touch it for fear of it falling apart again, i will describe it....

It has space marines legs, no difference, apart from the dwarf shield (the ones you get in the thunderers kit) and an axe (thunderers kit again). Then the body, as the dwarf head/body isn't designed for space marines bodies, i had to take away the front part, but this didn't look right, so i tried the frotn part on the back, it looks much better. by this time it hadn't fallen apart once. Then i tried the arms, by the time i had them together it had fallen apart at least 20 times! and by the time i had the plasma gun in place, that was boosted up to 30! so he has- space marines legs with dwarf accseories, dwarf head/body with space marine front attached, space marine arms with plasma gun.

If you want to post questions or ideas, this is also in the warhammer40,000 disscussion adn i don't feel like repeating all that :) but i will keep you posted and if you wnat to post all the rplies here your free too. This is gonna take a lot of time... maybe pushing into the medusa V campaign, who wants to see that? (We have no idea who they serve, i say the dwarven auxilery for the emporer, the armoured division, jib says they fight for themselves, my bro says he don't mind)

20-06-2006, 21:30
Picture or I won't post!