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05-07-2014, 08:44
For the first time, I went to my local gw for a game and was pitted against the store owners Ogres.
He had:

Level 3 Slaughtermaster (Bonebreaker, Troll Guts and the +1 Strength spell)
in 7 Ironguts with Musician and Standard
6 Ironguts with Musician and Standard
4 Mournfangs with heavy armour and ironfists
4 Leadbelchers

I had:

Archmage, level 4 High Magic, Book of Hoeth, Ironcurse Icon, Talisman of Protection (Drain Magic, Soul Quench, Walk Between Worlds, Fiery Convocation)
Seahelm BSB, Crown of Command, Shield of the Merwyrm
both in 13 Swordsmasters of Hoeth, Full Command
5 Dragon Princes, Full Command, Gleaming Pennant
5 Sisters of Averlorn X2
5 Ellyrian Reavers, Bows and Spears, Musician X2
10 Archers, Musician, Standard Bearer
Lothern Skycutter
5 Shadow Warriors

Fraid I didn't take any pictures and have no idea what that things is to create maps(?).
Deployment was (from my left to right), after Scouts and Vanguard:
Giant Mournfangs Ironguts with Slaughtermaster Ironguts Leadbelchers Shadow Warriors

Reavers Reavers Big load of ruins

Dragon Princes Swordsmasters Skycutter SoA
SoA Archers

Ogre Turn 1
He got first go and promptly charged the Mournfangs at the leftmost Reavers, I fled. He charged both Irongguts at the other, I held then fled. The Mournfangs rolled high, I rolled low and they got munched :). The other Reavers did their job and stalled both Gut units. The Leadbelchers moved around to take care of the Shadow Warriors and the Giant moved forward. Nothing significant happened in magic (in fact nothing happened all game except for the last turn on my magic phase). He shot one Shadow Warrior.

My Turn 1
I charged his Giant with my DPs, thinking "easy". I rallied my Reavers and moved up towards the right most Gut unit, eyeing up the flank of the Leadbelchers. The Skycutter also moved up with the same target in mind. The Shadow Warriors moved back to keep out of the Leadbelchers short range. The rest of my army shimmied around for better position. At this point I realised I needed to be smarter in the deployment phase as well as movement to keep my troops from obscuring various archers! At any rate, I managed to keep out of the Mournfang charge arc. Took a few pot shots, and killed 1 Belcher. The DPs inflicted their average (as I worked out later) 4 wounds and I was lucky enough to ping a horse wound on the Giant, but those things have 6 wounds! Swing the club killed 3 DPs, ouch! He was disappointed by the lack of eating (as was I). I won combat but he held on Stubborn Ld 10 - impressive! I'd always considered Giants crap, but they were better than I thought :)

Ogre Turn 2
Actually not too sure, but think I had actually moved the Reavers beyond the right Guts so they couldn't charge them. So both Guts marched forward. The Mournfangs moved up to charge my SoA, I believe the idea being to chase down my right wing of tasty archers, staying out of range of the Swordsmasters. Nothing in shooting. My DPs failed to get that last wound and one got picked up...but not eaten, thrown instead :(. I held.

My Turn 2
I think not having Bolt Throwers made me a bit more aggressive than I normally play, which was nice. So I charged his Belcher flank with the Reavers and Skycutter and he held. I marched my Shadow Warriors and shimmied around with my various archer units to shimmy out of charge arcs/range. The Swordsmasters were looking for the Mournfang flank. I killed a Gut from the smaller unit in shooting. In combat, no last wound on Giant, who swung his club at the DP...2 hits, 1 wound...Ward Saved it, wow that never happens! In the other combat, 5 impact hits, lots of ASF spear attacks killed the Belchers right there - go Reavers and Skycutter!

Rule Qu: Do both the Reavers and Skycutter get the option to reform even though they were so close? Do you reform them, leaving an inch between them?

Ogre Turn 3
His Guts charged my SoA, I stood and shot against the first and fled from the 2nd :) His Mournfangs moved around. The Giant killed off the last DP.

My Turn 3
I decided to take a punt and go for the flank of his larger Gut unit with the Slaughtermaster. He held and my Reaver, Skycutter combo got in. Archers, SoA, Swordsmasters shimmied. Shadow Warriors marched up. Pot shots at the smaller Gut unit, plinking a wound or two off them. In magic I tried the boosted Soul Quench, rolled and realised my enthusiasm had gotten the better of me - I was out of range! In combat, I did 7 wounds! Better yet, his Gut whiffed and his naked Slaughtermaster only managed one wound on the Reavers, which I saved on a 6. Nuts. I felt guilty, but he ran 10...a shame I pursued for 11!

Rule Question: On that charge, after chasing things down, do you still need to move the distance rolled? Or is it that the unit is immediately removed and I could have reformed both? I played the former.

Ogre Turn 4
Nowhere left to run, the SoA got charged by the Mournfangs. My Archers fled from the remaining Gut unit. SoA got nailed :) Oh his Giant charged my Swordsmasters, my Seahelm performed his emergency reform and I chopped the last wound off him, reforming to look at the Mournfangs again.

My Turn 4
Moved the remaining SoA and Shadow Warriors round, more shots at the remaining Guts (down to 4 ogres now). Moved the Reavers to roadblock the Mournfangs. Had a boxcar magic phase! Great stuff :) Put Fiery Convocation on the Mournfangs, nothing. Walked Between Worlds to close some distance. Boosted Soul Quench on the Mournfangs and did a couple of wounds - man those things are tough! It went off with IF and even with the 4+ward my unit had, I failed 4 out of 5 saves, also put a wound on my BSB.

Ogre Turn 5
He charged and killed my Reavers with his Mournfangs. And we called it there being out of time. Either he would have made the 8/10 inches to crash into my Swordsmasters or I would have charged him next turn with the Skycutter in the flank. The other Guts were totally out of things, but would have chased the Archers off the board. I did crunch some rough numbers for the Mournfang-Swordsmaster combat and figured I would likely have taken the last wound off Soul Quenched one and killed one other. The wounds in return would have seriously reduced my number, but I did have a CoC...I think I worked it out that I would have won a combat I charged by 2 thanks to the flank and charge. If he held, I wouldn't have been able to do any damage and would have been worn down. I'm pretty sure his other Guts would have eventually crunched my SoA...overall, I was winning at the end, but had the game gone till the end of Turn 6, I think it could have gone either way with my chances of retaining the lead reducing all the time.

Fun game!
Aftergame thoughts!
Reavers and Skycutter combo in the flank is mega! Having static Archer elements are a liability and will get caught by quick Ogres. Magic was a bust, bit unlucky, but I always take High and didn't want to change just cos I was playing Ogres. I certainly wasn't going to take Death against them/Shadow for anti-initiative stuff. Back to magic, I always take a Level 4 out of fear! But magic is so random. I had wanted to try out a Shadow Armour, Ring of Fury, Reaver Box Anointed, but got scared. I like having Swordsmasters with getting ward saves with Seahelm reformability, but would only field them in larger numbers/units of 5s. I really liked the Shadow Warriors dancing around being a pain :)
MVP - Reavers, followed by the Skycutter - that flank charge made my day!