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09-07-2014, 11:30

I am new in fantasy and im searching for some advice. At the moment im working at my 1500 points warriors of chaos army:

Festus the Leechlord, General, Lore of Nurgle - 190 Pts.

17 Chaos Warriors, Mark of Nurgle, Shields, M, S, C - 319 Pts.
Chaos Chariot, Mark of Nurgle - 125 Pts.
5 Chaos Warhounds - 30 Pts.
5 Chaos Warhounds - 30 Pts.

10 Chosen, Mark of Nurgle, Halberds, M, S, C - 260 Pts.
5 Chaos Knights, Mark of Nurgle, Ensorcelled Weapons, M, S, C - 255 Pts.

3 Skullcrushers of Khorne, M, S, C, Ensorcelled Weapons, Std. of Rage - 289 Pts.

Total: 1498

What do you think what would you change? I think, I dont have a good CC Commander/hero to fight other CC Commanders/Heros but im not sure.



09-07-2014, 20:12
Festus will have to accept / issue challenges after your champion is removed so that is a bit scary if he is with a combat brick.

WoC is a tough one to start with... It has the illusion of being powerful, however a lot of the army can be controlled. For example your crushers can be redirected rather easy. If you are new with fantasy re-director is something like a hounds, great eagle, ect that is planted in front of the unit that is has to charge. A smart player will place it to where after you beat them in combat you will need to over run (frenzy) off in whatever direction they choose. That is one thing to keep in mind with your current list.

The dogs you have will help counter the redirection issue don't try and use them as a combat block they will be squished.

Do NOT forget your chosen roll at the start of the game... I have done that more times than I care to count.

It's not a bad list just be careful what targets you go after... Warriors of chaos don't feel like the titans they used too.

Good luck my friend.

Last bit of opinion... When you grow your list plan on a Daemon prince... They are cheesy, everyone hates to fight them... You will get the "eye roll" but in the end, laugh when you catch your first cannon ball to the face.

10-07-2014, 11:47
Hi Azmodian

Thx for the help

Im gona try the list this week and write then a small report.

How do I counter the redirection with the hounds? First i planed to use them to eat some shoots.


11-07-2014, 16:06
Most units used for redirecting are small and weak. Your dogs should be able to get to the enemies redirectors and fight them off before they can upset your skullcrushers.

14-07-2014, 21:33
I like to play a lore of fire level 4 sorcerer. The fire ball and the flame cage do make a difference. Fire ball is the best ranged attack we have to get rid of chaff units, like great eagles, light cav, and so on. On the other hand, flame cage allows us to stop an enemy unit on the spot, so we get an additional movement to place or units better. For an army without shooting units, that is key.

Well yeah, we have the hellcannon. When I say "shooting units" i mean light shooting, like bows, crosbows... which are the best when dealing with chaff units.

17-07-2014, 13:55
Welcome to the dark side, ErzBaron!
Not a bad first list at all.

Personally, I would drop the Chosen (and probably the Skullcrushers, too) as they will not last long enough to do a great deal in those numbers.

With the points left over, you could put in a "Fighty" Lvl4 Nurgle Sorcerer into your Festus unit.
Something like Lvl4, Scaled Skin, Charmed Shield, Talisman of Preservation, Sword of Might. IIRC, that equals your exact 375pts limit for lords. 1+/4++ on a Lvl4 Wizard on Foot is not to be sniffed at.
Then up the Warriors to 19 so you can run 7*3.

You could also up the Knights to 7 (7 being Nurgle's Sacred Number) for a bit more damage when they eventually hit home. Not sure as to what banner to give them.

Though I am just a pure mono-god fluff gamer, so feel free to ignore me :-)

18-07-2014, 22:12

Thank all for the Help, I apologize in advance for my english.

I had 3 Games with this army now.

This match was a big one to teach me how the game work we were 4 players, i used thie list above.

The first one was against vampire, and how you said, he had a Strong CC Commander and when my Block with Festus get in I had to challenge him,
first my champion died and then Festus, thx for Festus skill with the poison drink I could make some damage but in the end he died too,
the rest of the unit failed the moral check and ran and died.

My skull crushers got sniped by 2 Banshees and so they died fast, my chosen had a good day, I rolled +1 to Attack so I could kill his Bat dragon thing,
with mass attacks and poison from Festus magic, after that the rest of them died in cc with festusblock.

With my Knights I had bad luck 3 died trough dangerous terrain tests and the other two died in cc against too much attacks of the zombies.

In the end my entire army got crushed, and we lost the battle.

In this game I learned I have to learn better to deploy, especially the knights, I could avoid the tests.

My second game was against Lizard men 1700 Points.

In this game I used the same list as above + one Exalted Hero like this:
Exalted Hero, Mark of Nurgle, Poisonous Slime, Soulfeeder, Sword of Striking, Dawnstone, Charmed Shield - 190 Pts.

He had 2 Troops normal warriors, one elite troop and 2 Small unites of this guys who shot poison arrows, he had a big wizard guy with magic level 4
with lore of metal and 2 normal wizards. He stayed on his side and casted the magic attacks on me.


There you have a picture how I and he deployed.

My Idea was with the dogs to kill his Arrow shooters, a big mistake, they both died before could complete the charge. My Knights on the top of the picture behind the trees, all died trough the metal magic all in one strike. They didn’t do much, they failed one time to charge the Arrow shooters too. With my Chariot I tried to attack the arrow shooters with the dogs too, he died by trying.

With my chosen I summoned a DP my first time, then I marched with the rest forward.
My DP and the skull crushers made id in cc, my skull crushers had killed one normal troop of his warriors and then runed of the table, in the next turn when they came back they died trough the metal magic.
The DP got in cc with the other troop normal warriors and could make them run away but not enough for out of the table, then he died trough the arrows left from him.

He could kill 6 of the remaining chosen’s with one magic bolt with 2 d6 attacks strength 5 or 6 I am not sure anymore, they tried to charge the arrow shooters, the arrow shooters could kill 2 more of my chosen ones and before I came to cc they ran away with my 200 point general who did nothing this game they ran until they left the table. My troop with Festus came to cc with his elite guards but I lost the battle and ran away and died.

So here I lost 400 to 1700 too.

My 3rd game was against Dark elves, this time again 1500 like the list above.


In the picture you can see how I and the dark Elven player deployed.

He had 2 Wizards, one was this troop on horses they used the bold of doom attack or something like that, and his other one was his general on this Chariot who was wizard level 2 I think.
He deployed very defensive too. One troop of hounds I used as shield for the Knights, but he killed my knights anyway because he had a higher position, he killed them with one of this bolt of doom attacks 4 d6 s5 or 6 I forgot it. He shot at my dogs and killed 3 I had luck and made the moral check so they didn’t ran away and could attack his ballista, after that they died trough the bolt of doom because he hadn’t other targets anymore.

My Dogs on the left side died trough the shoots of this scouts.

My skull crushers got hit by his bolt of doom too and took out one guy and one wound to the other one. Then he shoot with his ballista then he had all 3 and killed one more and wounded my skull crusher again. The last one died in the 3rd turn I think on the same way.

My Chariot went forward but his Chariot could make the first attack and he won the fight too.

With Festus and his troop I charged his 2h sword guys but failed the charge.

With my chosen one I had to march because they were a bit behind. In his turn he attacked my chosen one with his witch troop and of course he killed all of my guys on one blow. He overran my chosen one and came in cc with Festus and his troop. There was nothing special he won and I ran and died.

So here I lost 200 to 1500 too.

I see I have big problems with magic and shooting attacks. My knights never made something good my crushers don’t come much to cc my best unite is Festus and his troop. My Chariot didn’t helped much too. The dogs died most time before they could do something. I think I will buy them this scout ability to be faster to the enemy. I see that i have big problems with shooting unites and magic...


20-07-2014, 15:39
I always find Lizardmen to be the hardest army to face with my WoC - They can go toe-to-toe with you in combat and outdo you in the magic phase.
Plus Skinks with Blowpipes. The bane of my entire WHFB life :D

28-07-2014, 13:16

So after I liked my wounds I have time again. After this 3 not so good games, I had even a good one against Khermi, but I think only because he had very bad dice luck and we both had to make cc.
I want to increase my army anyway, so I can get some stuff that makes me better stand against this magic horrors.
I will drop festus and the knights for now and try it without them. I think I will not use only nurgle and try some other stuff too.

Ikari said he uses a sorcerer with the magic fireball, so I thought to get something like that for fireballs and safes against strong spells:

Chaos Sorcerer
+ Lore of Fire
+ Dispell Scroll
- - - > 135 Points
I am still note sure where to put him or even let him walk around with a Horse or something like that

Next what I for sure need is this BSB, something like this:

Exalted Hero, Mark of Tzeentch
+ Sword of Might, Dawnstone, Enchanted Shield
+ Battlestandard Bearer
- - - > 195 Points
He shall walk with the Warriors.

Next what I want to get is a DP, because the Be'lakor model looks great and it looks like a DP is very strong, still Im not sure how to equipt him, with wings for sure.

The last think what I want to try is a Hellcannon.

What do you think? should i try it or not? should I change something or would you make it completely different?



29-07-2014, 03:16
IMO, WoC need to get into combat fast.

I don't like infantry, but if I went with infantry I'd go all infantry. The main rule of warfare when the two sides are approximately equal in strength is to use the majority of your army to engage a minority of his while preventing him from doing the same. By mixing cavalry and infantry you give this advantage away to him. He can shoot/magic the fast stuff in turn 1-2, then when they're worn down a bit he can focus on your slower units in turn 3-4. If you tossed all the slow units and went for speed, suddenly your opponent has a whole lot of fast stuff to deal with and only one-two turns of magic/shooting to get the job done on your whole army.

30-07-2014, 09:29
Hi Drachen_Jager

Thx for the help, I understand what you mean and think too this is a good idee. At the moment i will stay with the mix because I dont have the minis, I will come back to this in the future.