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11-07-2014, 11:00

I am interested in trying to adjust my list to make it more competitive, what do y'all think of this?

Lord - Vlad von Carstein (4XX)
Hero - Isabella von Carstein (1XX)
Core - 2x 5 Dire Wolves (80), 30 zombies (banner and musician 100), 40 Skeleton Warriors (full command 230), 40 skeleton warriors (full command 230)
Special - 5 Hexwraiths (150), 31 Grave Guard (full command, great weapons, banner of barrows 449)
Rare - 2 Varghulfs (350), 1 Mortis Engine with blasphemous tome (240)

Total = 2499

11-07-2014, 11:20
That's pretty uncompetitive

Vlad & Isabella are strictly casual, and you are getting very little synergy from the Mortis Engine since you can't improve the Varghulf save.

I assume your Vampires go with the Grave Guard which makes it a classic Deathstar build. It's just not very potent for a unit of more than 1000 pts and you need it to do all of your lifting

11-07-2014, 11:29
So the list needs a complete overhaul? Or can I adjust it relatively easily?

11-07-2014, 11:38
Well I've seen worse lists

But it depends on:

a) What do you want your army to do

b) What you define as "more competitive"

What you've got now is a workable, but strictly casual list which isn't too flexible

11-07-2014, 13:18
Well I want to make this a list that I could take to a tournament and not get my ass kicked. The only thing is that I am short on funds and want to use the models that I have or the ones in reserve. My full list of models are:

19 dire wolves
14 blood knights
mannfred Von carstein on horse
winged vampire
38 grave guard
30 ghouls
80 skeleton warriors
64 zombies
3 corpse carts
4 spirit hosts
2 varghulfs
1 mortis engine
5 hexwraiths
isabela Von carstein
Vlad Von carstein

there also might be a few more models that I am forgetting but I think that's about it. I can also use Vlad and izzy to represent regular vamps, Or the blood knights to represent black knights.

12-07-2014, 17:16
I would just Drop Isabela and Vlad Von Carstein and go for Master Necromancer and Vampires you can get 4 characters for the price of them too, Also drop the Blood Knights you can get other units that do the same role but at a cheaper cost.

12-07-2014, 22:35
You need more zombies ;) and 10 more ghouls. If you take ghouls at all, take em 40 horde. The mortis is better in pairs, but not terrible by itself, as long as you use it to improve a unit of Crypt Horrors, or a Terrorgheist's regen. I'd use your character vamps as generic VL's or heroes for now. You will get more bang for your buck with a created character than the VC specials. Consider using your mounted Mannfred as a scratch built regular VL, and use the Blood Knights as Black Knights for now, and try out the BK bus. Its a potent hammer. You tarpit with your Zombies, or Skellies (make sure units are big, I mean 50+ big) and try to slam for flanked charges. Hex's are nice to ride along with the mounted vamp/BK bus, and will be able to march (plus Vanhals for added moves, just keep them out of actual close combat!). You will never need 3 corpse carts. One is nice to help your grave guard strike at init (only really helps vs other great weapon users). 38 grave guard is perfect. You often use those in horde, and the extra 2 slots can be for a Wight King, VL or just as 38 by itself.

I'd get another 50 or so Zombies though. :) Enjoy!

14-07-2014, 10:45
Thank you very much for your suggestions. Are you saying that I should be spending roughly 500-600 points on like 3 custom vamps, run my group of 80 skellies and 60 zombies for two tarpit units, then drop points into 38 grave guard and a black knight bus with 5 hexwraiths on the side, that should leave enough points for the two Varghulfs as well. What do you think?

22-07-2014, 11:02
I have reconstructed the list using the suggestions I have seen so far. Is it looking any better?

Total (2497pts)

Lords (478pts)

* Vampire Lord
Heavy Armour, Lance, Lore of the Vampires, Quickblood, Red Fury, Shield, Wizard Level 4
* Barded Nightmare
* Magic Items
- Earthing Rod, Enchanted Shield

Heroes (185pts)

* Vampire
Heavy Armour, Lance, Lore of the Vampires, Red Fury, Shield , Wizard Level 1
* Barded Nightmare

Core (626pts)

* Skeleton Warriors
Champion, Musician, 80x Skeleton Warrior, Standard Bearer

* Zombies
Musician, Standard Bearer, 62x Zombies

Special (858pts)

* Black Knights
Musician, Standard Bearer
* 10x Black Knight
Barding, Lances

* Grave Guard
Champion, Musician
* 29x Grave Guard, Great Weapons
* Standard Bearer
Banner of the Barrows

* Hexwraiths
5x Hexwraiths

Rare (350pts)
* Varghulf