View Full Version : Skaven Tourney Lists Need Some Advice....

12-07-2014, 05:41
Hello All,

Have been putting together some lists for a some friend on friend gaming. mainly guys who are prepping for tournaments. We’re using the NOVA Open list composition for anyone who is familiar. Pretty straight forward for those of you who are not, essentially 2800 point limit. That being said, I play HE, WoC, Lizardmen, and some Ogres in my meta specifically.
Ultimately I wanted to get some feedback on two lists that I have come up with. I like both for different reasons, which do you fellow WarSeers feel is more balanced?

A) Leaning towards this one…
Grey Seer: Talisman of Endurance, Dispel Scroll (deployed in Stormvermin bunker w. BSB)
Plague Priest: Furnace, Flail, Foul Pendant (see above)
BSB: Sheild, Dragon Helm
Warlock: Lv 1, Warp Energy Condenser, Doom Rocket (deployed in outermost slave group outside of my Ld bubble, Warplightning battery)
3x40 Slaves: Shields and musicians (two deployed on either side of the furnace, one as a flanker/clanrat support)
25 Clanrats: musician and standard, Warpfire Thrower (flanker)
18 Stormvermin: musician and standard, Poison Wind Mortar (bunker)
5x Rat Darts (the usual ratty nonsenses)
30 Plague Monk: FCG, Plague Banner
3x6 Gutter Runners: Poison Attacks, Slingy Dings
2x Warplightning Cannons
Hell Pit
2801.5 (will drop a slave if I have to…) 234 Models

Grey Seer: Bell, Power Scroll, Fencer’s Blades, Dragon’s Bane Gem, Iron Curse Icon (6+/4++/2++ against magic and fire)
Chieftain BSB: Same build
Plague Priest: Lv 2, Talisman of Preservation, Flail
Warlock: Lv 1 Dispel Scroll (couldn’t give the Plague Priest a decent enough ward and the scroll…sigh)
Warlock: Doomrocket
2x50 Slaves: Shields and Musician (same as before)
40 Slaves: “” (same)
35 Clanrats: FCG, Rattling Gun (Bell duty)
19 Stormvermin: Musician, Standard, Poison Wind Mortar, Stormbanner (BSB Bunker)
3x Rat Darts
35 Plague Monks: Musician, Standard, Plague Banner
2x Warp Lightning Cannons (pew pew)
2x Hell Pits (engage nasty drive….)
2800.5 255 Models (its late please excuse my math errors if any)

Pros A):
18 Gutter Runners x 2 shots = see ya war machines and bunker units
The Plague Furnace / Monk combo is gross something like 37 Plague monk attacks w. crew, D6 Impact(S5)/Toughness Test, 4 Plague Priest Attacks (S6), Wrecker Attack, AND RE-ROLL HITS/WOUNDS
Warplightning Cannons - Pew Pew
Doomwheel (when they behave... ran into a death caster on a demonic mount a few weeks ago, survived all the impact hits, Zzaps, etc. just in time for a Chaos Ogre unit to turn it into a pile of sizzling splinters.... you know who are...:shifty:)
Rat Dart Mischief - Quell frenzy baiting, fast cav shenanigans, hunt war machines

Cons A)
Grey Seer is more defensive until he gets within 24" then D13 time until he sucks himself into the warp or get Dwelled/Sunned
Expensive Warlock, dont like giving him so much gear but would like to be able to blast chaff and give the Ld 5 boost the slaves need on the flank
Storm Banner is as equally disruptive to my shooting but I need it because HE's go Pew Pew, and there's a lot of fliers in my meta

Pros B)
2 Hell Pits
Super Seer - Will get D13 off, will go boom, will have a 2++ ward (correct me if im wrong MR stacking with Ward save against magic/dispel)
With out the Furnace, monks are more likely to get into combat in tack because theres more of them and the pull a lower profile ( would love to through them just far enough away to make a hard turn in at about turn 3 and flank some fools...

Cons B)
No Gutter Runners :cries:
No Furnace / Unbreakable :cries:
Flaming attacks (sister, chimeras, etc) = bad day

Summary: List A i feel has more tactical applications for dealing with the most threats, were list B is going for broke and hoping to knock the snotlings out of someone as soon as they are in range