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13-07-2014, 05:19
Master Necromancer (245 pts)
-Lvl 4
-Master of the Dead
-Dispel Scroll
-Lore of Vampires

Vampire (204 pts)
-Lvl 1
-Ogre Blade
-Enchanted Shield
-Aura of Dark Majesty
-Dread Knight
-Lore of Vampires

Cairn Wraith (60 pts)

Zombies X20 (70 pts)

Skeleton Warriors X20 (130 pts)

Ghouls X30 (300 pts)

Dire Wolves X5 (80 pts)

Dire Wolves X5 (80 pts)

Hexwraiths X5 (160 pts)

C&C please this list sounds solid for 1250 pts. Plans are Vampire in the ghouls for more killing i know hes a lvl 1 but hes my kills anything he can touch. Then the Necromancer goes with the zombies of course hes a lvl 4 so i should dominate the magic phase, plus dispel scroll for anything i dont like. Then last but not least my Cairn Wraith goes with my Skeletons to give them some fighting power. Of course my Dire Wolves are chaft ment to soak up the charge so i can counter charge and also warmachine hunting. My Hexwraiths are for anything i see fit that i could get a flank or rear charge on all & for warmachine hunting if my dogs fail to do so. I know its a foot slogging list but i plan on Invocation of Nehek more zombies and skeletons and making my units bigger before i get them into assault.

Oogie boogie boss
14-07-2014, 09:23
Seems decent to me, though perhaps a little fragile. If your Vamp goes I don't see where the casualties are going to come from. And if you aren't able to dominate the magic phase, you may run into some difficulty with relatively few bodies on the board. Maybe drop one of the dogs units and Cairn wraith and go for a Wight King and Bulk out the skeletons, or maybe a couple of bases of Spirit Hosts? Just a thought really, sure it'll work well as is. I'm slowly building a pretty infantry-heavy, monsterless list at the moment as well, so I hope yours works!