View Full Version : Hellcannon or No hellcannon?

21-06-2006, 05:24
So my basic army list for 2250 is

Asp champ with Berserker sword (Mounted)
Asp Champ with Blade of blood (mounted)
2 Lvl 2 Sorcerers with Slaanesh (1 with power familiar)

2 Units of 5 Knights (1 chosen)

2 Units of 5 Marauder horsemen with flails

1 Tuskgor Chariot

2 Fiends of Slaanesh

2 Small Beast Herds

2- 16 blocks of Warriors

Its a pretty solid list. I want to see if a Hellcannon would be good though. I would drop probably a block of warriors and get a smaller block, get rid of the 2 fiends to put the hellcannon in there. What do you think? Which list would be better?

21-06-2006, 06:45
Before getting a Hellcannon, I'd invest some points in bumping your heroes to Exalted Champions, if you then decide to throw them into your Knights, I'd remove the Chosen upgrade from one of the knight units to free up some points. I'd then flesh out your Beastherds and give them Full Command, they can be marvelous on their own, but they need the Foerender badly for Leadership.

You could also swap the two Sorcerors for two Bray Shamans, same gear, but give one of them the Staff of Darkoth and make sure the one with the Power Familliar gets a Braystaff.

Your Marauder Horsemen has Musicians I hope.

Your Warriors would also benefit from Full Commands and if you give one of them a Warbanner, things gets a lot easier for them, Shields and Hallberds are often my choice of arms for them, but I have recently begun leaning towards Shields and Additional Handweapon, however, that depends on what frontage you give them.

After all these changes, I'd consider adding a Hellcannon, however, if it is an Undivided army, I'd also suggest you dropped the steed of your Blade of Blood Exalted and put him in the Warriorunit without Warbanner and then marked the knight unit he was going to join with Khorne, just as killy as chosen knights they are.

You might also want some form of faster daemons to take care of Warmachines and other nuiscance units which your Beastherds might struggle to catch, for instance, Fleshhounds of Khorne is perfect for skink and Skink Priest hunting and they also makes a mess out of most smaller units they encounter, Centigors are great for their points cost, move through woods and the abillity to hit just as hard as Chosen Knights if you're lucky with Drunken. Mounted Daemonettes are excelent flankers and they'll most deffinately be able to catch any lone charactes and/or warmachines that come in their way. Screamers and Furies are both fantastic at warmachine-hunting and character slaying, Screamers can also harass enemy units by simply flying over them time and aggain, doing their slashing attack.

Nurglings work wonders as a skirmishing, Ogre-sized unit (use in the same way as Minotaurs and Trolls) that also can support your Warriors and Beastherds would anything go wrong.