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15-07-2014, 22:05
Hi all, getting back into fantasy after a long time on the other side of grim dark. As such lots of new things to get my head round, so i give you - the College Defence Force:

Archmage on sun dragon - 455


Mage lvl 2

Mage Lvl 2

Mage lvl 1



Silver Helms x5

Spearmen x 25

Spearmen x 25



3 x Tiranoc Chariots 210


2 x Flamespyre Phoenix 450

= 1995

any recommendations? all I actually have of it are the helms, spearmen and 2 mages, but lots of pretty new models to look at.

Oh nearly forgot, all wizards take high magic.

16-07-2014, 07:08
You CANT field that many wizards. Max total of about 6 wizard levels in total. Yeah. I mean it's not a rule but you don't have enough power dice to cast more than 3-4 spells a turn....

And 25 men is pathetic. 50 spearmen is good though! Horde Em. Go reread rules and a bunch of forums. You'll see.

17-07-2014, 13:28
Ok, gone away and done my homework, hows this one shape up?

Archmage on sun dragon - 455


Mage lvl 2 - 120


Reavers x 5

Silver helm x 10

spearmen x50 + musician, +SB

- 760


3x Tiranoc chariot


2x Flamespyre Phoenix 450

17-07-2014, 16:10
reavers should take bows,

silver helms should have shields and SB + M probably

tiranoc chariots are fine but most people play them in units of 1. mainly (stupidly) because of Panic. if you lose 1 chariot say from a cannonball then the other two might fail a panic test and run. also because they can run around crashing into lots of stuff.

phoenixes are good! frostheart > flamespyre in mose people's opinions

umm so did you forget to put your characters? its standard to have a lvl 4 archmage with book of hoeth and a noble with BSB at the least, but not "required". you do need 1 character though