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16-07-2014, 10:13
Hello all,

I would kindlz like to ask for some advice as a long years fantasy player considering the service to the Emperor :) (without the knowledge of the rules).

Reading the thread about the White Scars, I was surprised that many there mentioned that tacticals arenīt viable due to doctrines and so.

My question is:
I would like to field a Space Marine army, with more old fashioned tools, like the tacticals, terminators, dreadnoughts (I love these) and I was considering Space Wolves as a chapter. Are they a viable choice, or is there any other chapter with viable doctrine, or traits or whatever which supports that?

It doesnīt have to be ultra competitive, decent for friendly game is enough for me.

I was thinking of wolves as they are now everywhere relatively cheap cause of Sanctus Reach...

thanks and sorry if dumb question :)

16-07-2014, 11:32
If you want to use the old fashioned tools, you might consider Drop Pods. Pods work great with Terminators, Sternguard, and Dreads and give your opponent stuff to deal with while your Terminators can advance in their Land Raider (or they can Deep Strike).

Wolves *can* work with this, though their Terminator squads are not very optimal(but their own solitary terminators are great)

Other chapters you can consider:

Iron Hands: Gives your characters, dreads and tanks the It Will Not Die! rule, making them more durable. Also beefs up your marines.
Salamanders: Gets you better flamers, meltas and access to Vulcan Hes'tan
Ultramarines: A lot of utility in their Chapter tactics

16-07-2014, 17:16
I agree that Iron Hands seems to be a good fit; mostly because you seem to like dreadnoughts.

If you really like the fluff then I suggest you check out the Forge World Horus Heresy line.

16-07-2014, 17:49
How much does your group care about Forge World?

16-07-2014, 21:18
With khan, white scar Tacticals are pretty good in rhinos, scout for the alpha strike, and hit and run to get out of any troublesome combats. Terminators (and centurions) in land raider also scout, though loose hit and run.

Also ultramarines have some nice chapter tactics for basic armies (though free fnp and it will not die is hard to pass up)

17-07-2014, 06:48
Thanks for the input, I will check the White Scars. Are they available as supplement? or in the IA books?

The idea with drop pods also appeal to me, deepstriking terminators and dreadnoughts, I consider space wolves still, as I can access several sanctus reach space wolves sets as well as some FW goodies for them.

The question is, if they are fun to play with and against.

17-07-2014, 12:56
It sounds like you want space wolves, so do space wolves. They may not currently work for the netlist number cruncher crowed with their current codex, but every army has suffered from that at one point or another.

Also, coming from fantasy, space vikings are a good spot to start :D

Edit: drop podding is a good space wolf tactic, but with the new objectives style it's a good idea to have a few rhinos kicking around to snatch objectives.

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