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17-07-2014, 21:35
I'm thinking of trying this list, but want to see what people think before I buy most of the models

Wizard lord (shadow) (general)
Earthing rod


Wizard (shadow)
Dispel scroll


Wizard (fire)
Power stone

Bsb captain

Full plate
Dawn stone


Engineer 65


Armour of metric iron
Hand weapon


Spears x 60

Detachment free companies x 30


Detachment free companies x 29


Cbows x 10
Cbows x 10

Hellstorm rocket battery 130
Hellblaster 120

Greatswords x 10
LD banner

Detachment archers x 5


Total = 1996

My main idea for deployment is:

Free companies in front of spears, the gain hatred, hold the line and steadfast from their parent unit hiding behind them

Bsb and priest in spears behind units of free companies, this means the free companies must be engaged first

I'll roll for my level 4 first, and my second shadow Mage will choose a spell (as I will have most by this point so will roll a duplicate, or just take miasma ) so I can sacrifice him by 6 dicing the spell when needed

A cheap 65 pt fire wizard is there to earn his points back in the first few turns and help make the enemy come to me
Combined with withering if I get it this will be good, if not I can't always use double miasma to immobilise a unit from moving too much

Mind razor or the withering will allow maximum effectiveness from my high amount of attacks

My general will be using the Greatswords LD banner and command from the rear of the army with the artillery

I will block myself In a corner so nothing can charge my artillery or my general without first going through my army and as there will be no room to charge and land, flyers cant get in eiether

My main tactic is to do a load of damage with shooting and then 6 dice spells later in the game to ensure I win combat (even if my wizards blow up, but if they do.....well the spell is resolved first so I can teleport my wizard to swap with an engineer to save some troops or plainly teleport him into combat and use the miscast explosion to my advantage)

My main opponents are likely to be skaven (with a massive horde)

High elves with 2 Phoenix's, 2 flying bolt throwers and lots of archers

wood elves, maybe dark elves or lizardmen or orcs

Lord Solar Plexus
18-07-2014, 18:41
Don't. I guarantee you you'll get crushed.

The whole strategy hinges on one spell and throwing 6 dice at it. What if you don't get it? What if it is dispelled or your L4 asplodes? You're left with a bunch of S3 attacks. Granted, that might even hurt many Skaven but you're not even getting all of them into the fight with those two lines...and corner or not, there will be flanks because you have no units to guard them reliably.

Having to go through Militia first is a boon for any opponent because he can pick your units off one by one. What good is that supposed to be? He'll see the Mind Razor coming from a mile away.

A simple Fire Wizard isn't going to make anybody come to you. That's three wounds vs the weakest stuff on minimum power and even the second level Fireball is a bit hard to cast for an L1...and if that is your only early game, long-range threat, what else should people dispel?

Same goes for the artillery. The Rocket Battery makes for a good chuckle, nothing more, and the Helblaster has only medium range - it doesn't force anyone with a WLC or Bolter or other cannon forward. X-bows don't kill anything either - and if your opponent unfurls his Stormbanner after crossing the 24" threshold, you're lucky to do a pittance in wounds at all. If he's got a mortar and a WLC, say good by to any notion of ever winning.

18-07-2014, 19:08
Shadow against Skaven isn't brilliant, to be honest. Obviously Mindrazor on Free Company/Spearmen is hilarious, but Miasma and Withering don't address the Skaven advantage - they can afford to take casualties - and they only give you a slight edge in the first place. Pit of Shades/Pendulum aren't really worth the effort against troops with I4 as standard. As someone who's fought against Skaven a lot, Beasts or Light is probably the way to go (maybe both). The ability to spam Wildform will give you a serious edge (+1 Strength and Toughness on your troops is better than -d3 of one or the other on theirs, for the same number of power dice), while Light has a decent mix of buffs and blasting.

19-07-2014, 22:11
I feel that certainly in my meta, empire lists have moved on from this type of build. With the increased mobility of the elven armies, heck even can guarding gyros...this list will get found out.

Also a side point:

If your goal is to WAAC then please continue with your strategy ideas of castling. If your taking this as a regular 2000 point army to a club, be prepared that people will eventually stop playing you.

GW put so much effort into changing Dwarfs from a castling army to a more combat army...the shift is away from this style of sitting back and holding a corner.

Anything with long range BS shooting will take out your horde relatively easily.

Any one with access to template weapons will look happily at the units.

It may work but I feel it won't work as often as you think it will.

19-07-2014, 23:22
This list just won't be that good. Free company suck. If you have free company and are trying to use them somehow then just count them as something, or put them in a horde but know that they suck.