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19-07-2014, 06:38
Been trying new things with my dwarfs and thought of this ridiculousness in a few minutes. Basically a variation on my normal list, but with Slayer shenanigans.

Ungrim Ironfist

Thane:BSB,shield, MRoGrungni, RoSlowness
Runesmith: shield, RoSpellbreaking, RoStone, Silver Horn of Vengeance
Master Engineer

25 Longbeards: command, shields, RoSlowness
21 Warriors: command, Great Weapons

35 Slayers: 5 Giant Slayers, standard, musician, Banner of Lost Holds
5 Slayers: Giant Slayer
5 Slayers: Giant Slayer
3 Gyrocopters
Cannon: Rune of Forging

Gyros re-direct and flame template stuff (duh).
2 small slayer units congo-line to take a charge or redirect as needed, then counter charge with whatever is in range (again, duh).
But with Gyros, Slayers, AND RoSlowness in the other two units it's pretty likely I'll get a pretty sick charge with multiple units benefiting from the Silver Horn of Vengeance on the Runesmith. I'm determined to make the Silver Horn work dang it!

19-07-2014, 14:08
You cannot take the Banner of the Lost Holds in your slayer unit. It cost 100 points and you can only take a 50 point banner.

19-07-2014, 15:16
You cannot take the Banner of the Lost Holds in your slayer unit. It cost 100 points and you can only take a 50 point banner.

I think Ungrim lets you take a 100 point banner in your slayer unit

19-07-2014, 15:41
Correct, Ungrim lets a single slayer unit take a 100 point banner.

19-07-2014, 18:50
Correct, Ungrim lets a single slayer unit take a 100 point banner.

I like your list btw. You have a lot of points tied up in that one big unit of slayers + Ungrim but most useful Dwarf units end up costing a lot of points I'm finding :)

19-07-2014, 18:52
i think your unit of 35 slayers is too small, go with 45 in there! units of 5 are good chaff but you already have gyrocopters. or at least 40 ish and put ungrim in there.

21 warriors is pathetic, maybe count them as quarrellors with GW's? you could use some shooting and this wouldnt cost you any more models.

Congo line is not admirable!! haha :p dont be that guy haha.

also 25 longbeards is barely anything as well. I just think you'll get lots of stuff destroyed by magic and shooting, get outnumbered and out fought in combat, and get crushed without a bigger unit of the slayers (give up on the 5 man congo lines) and you can save points by not having as many giant slayers, maybe just 9 of them (so that a horde of slayers would not be able to be hit in close combat for more than those 9 wounds in the first turn.

go big or go home with your core units. 25 is lame, 21 is lame for a non shooting unit.

master engineer? what good is he? haha seriously you have RUNES to do all of his abilities for less points, hes kind of lame too.

Since most of your army is unbreakable slayers, you may even not need a BSB. i know thats crazy but it could work without one.

not trying to be mean or anything, if your opponent does not know how your stuff works then you could win but if someone tailored a list to beat this then you'd be F'd.

20-07-2014, 05:59
I agree about the master engineer I don't know what he is in the list for. I think you would be better off getting rid of the warriors and spending all of your core on longbeards and give them strollaz. Or take a ton of quarrellers and a second grudge thrower to force the enemy to come to you.

The key to getting this army to work is finding a way to protect your Slayers from magic. You need a way to occupy or kill the enemy lvl 4. There are too many super spells that can completely wreck low initiative, no armor save Slayers.

21-07-2014, 01:26
its funny how sometimes people make army lists and forget about magic attacks, like they think oh i know how to take on close combat and i know how to take on shooting guys, but sometimes people forget to protect themselves against magic.

a successful army built around slayers would probably be a slayer deathstar with ungrim and a banner that protects them from magic, then artillery and shooting units to back em up.

NO BSB!! you dont need rerolls on your unbreakable unit.

i just dont like gyrocopters...

and then you just wont be happy with those small units of warriors or longbeards unless you are planning on fighting fast cavalry in close combat...