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20-07-2014, 21:45
Hey Guys

Ive just started a new Goblin Army for the campaign in local GW. New to Goblins but not WFB

With the models I have this is what Ive came up with

Goblin Warboss 65

Night Goblin Bigboss 70
BSB, Standard of Dis
Night Goblin Shaman 85

35 Night Goblins 160
Full Command, Spear and Shield, 2 Fanatic
20 Night Goblins 115
Full Command, Short bow
6 Spider Riders 108

3 Trolls

Around 708 so a little help on items if you can

20-07-2014, 22:00
Does the war boss have any protection? If not I'd stick some armour or a talisman on him and maybe give him a magic weapon for a strength boost.

20-07-2014, 22:04
I was thinking of Armour of Fortune, GW and shield with points I have spare.

I think I will also drop the Standard on BSB for some armour??

20-07-2014, 22:09
Good call on gear for the war boss. Think carefully before dropping banner of discipline though. I'm not saying don't drop it but your army will naturally have quite low leadership and every little helps, especially when trying to stop those trolls from being stupid.

20-07-2014, 22:16
Ive been playing Ogres for a while now and this is my small change for a little fun, hence why I put Standard of Dis as the first item haha.