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20-07-2014, 21:54
I have a tournament coming up using the South Coast GT comp, meaning that certain picks get power/soft pool points. Looking at the VC pools, I became quite excited at the prospect of running the entire Von Carstein family in one list. The comp score for this list is 8 out of 10, meaning I will probably be choosing scenario and going first in every game. I know that special character are not normally optimal but having 4 vampire characters running around is getting me quite excited. The difficulty was fitting fortitude into the list, as Blood and Glory will, effectively, be in play in every game. See what you think:

Vlad Von Carstein

Isabella Von Carstein

Konrad Von Carstein

Mannfred the Acolyte

37 Skeleton warriors, spears, shields, full command

20 Crypt Ghouls

31 Zombies, Standard Bearer

5 Dire Wolves, Doom Wolf

5 Dire Wolves, Doom Wolf

10 Hexwraiths, Hellwraith

7 Black Knights, Barding, Lances, Full Command


My hope is that there is enough target saturation and redirecting chaff to allow the skeleton block to get into combat towards the end of the game, after everything has been softened up by the Terrogheist, the Hexwraiths, the black knights and the ghouls (which is where Konrad will go). Vlad, Isabella and Mannfred will go in the skeleton unit and basically just try to stay alive until the moment is ripe to pile in and finish off.

Am I kidding myself or is there enough threat in this list?