View Full Version : Full assault Marines list help

22-07-2014, 19:04
Well met brothers.I made this post cause i need your help to build a list with close combat marines because i dont want to believe that cc is dead.
So with no further due i need you opinions.How will an assault list at 1500 pts will be viable?
Landraider spam?Full Drop Pods?Footslog?how many PA and Terminators if any?Rhino Wall of impending doom?Maybie a mix of landraider pods and rhinos?

22-07-2014, 20:38
Step 1: Give them all ward saves

Step 2: I like halberds and shields on my space marines because if bolters run out of ammo, you cannot reload in the wrong freaking forum.

22-07-2014, 21:09
If you believe close combat is dead take Wood Elves. Their shooting power is great!
Even though they don't use bolters.

22-07-2014, 21:29
You could use nothing but footslogging infantry, but I find cavalry to be a lot more fun.