View Full Version : Wood Elf 2200 pts w/ Eternal Guard

24-07-2014, 08:56
Ok guys I've got an upcoming tournament (Rock Wars) and I'm looking for some feedback on my list.
It maxes out on bonus points and I still feel that it's really competitive. I'd love any feedback on how to optimize it.
I am at a loss as to what lore to take :P Help please!

Glade Lord, Asari spear, Steed, Bow of Loren, shield 191
Spellweaver, lvl 4, dispel scroll 245

Glade Captain, BSB, great weapon, Hail of Doom Arrow 134

24 Eternal Guard, Mus, Standard 284
10 Glade Guard, Mus, Trueflight 160
10 Glade Guard, Mus, Standard, Banner of Eternal Flame 150

10 Wardancers 150
6 Wildriders, Shields 168
6 Wildriders, Shields 168
9 Deepwood Scouts, trueflight 144
9 Deepwood Scouts, trueflight 144

8 Waywatchers 160
Eagle 50
Eagle 50

BSB goes in the Eternal Guard. Glade Lord goes in one of the Wild Rider units.
Lvl 4 depending on lore choice and matchup goes in the Eternal Guard or one of the Glade Guard units.

I've play tested a similar list against Bretonians and OnG with wins both times. I'm concerned about high toughness and high armor armies both of which can be somewhat counteracted with Shadow or Metal magic. My other top lore choices are High or Dark magic.

25-07-2014, 09:02
I've decides to drop a unit of deepwood scouts to pick up a unit of 7 waywatchers and arcane bodkins on my BSB. This should give me enough to negate high armor armies. Ive also decided to go with shadow for mindrazor and the toughness reduction.