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Admiral General
24-07-2014, 16:22
This is my first attempt at a high elves list, im starting the army and want to get a basic list down before i buy more models. Im going for competitive level atm. I would really like imput on the list, I would also like peoples suggestions for spells to take with teclis and the lvl2, I was debating life on the lvl 2.

I havnt quite decided if I want to put teclis in the PG or the archers, the lvl 2 will be with the archers for sure. Caradryan and the noble will go with the PG

Mage - lvl2, dispell scroll

Noble - bsb, rzr standard, halberd, dragon armour

Archers x17 - Musician
Silverhelms x9 - Shields, FC
Reavers x5 - +bows, Musician
Reavers x5 - +bows, Musician

Swordmasters x21 - FC, BOTWD
Phoenix Guard x28 - FC

Great eagle x3

24-07-2014, 17:29
First Teclis, is over points you can all most fit two lvl4 in for his cost.

Second Sliver Helm really need to be 11 + a Noble or lord so they are 4by3 for a really nice ammount of damage on the charge.
Archer seem out of place in this list, you what to min spend on core, as high special are all better. 29 Spearmen make a better mage bunker unit then archers.

Admiral General
24-07-2014, 17:57
I could probably fit in the 11 SH, my core is basically at minimum hence why I took + bows on the reavers, it was the extra 20pts i needed for min core, the archers just sit back and plink stuff and keep the mage safe, im new to fantasy so please correct me if im wrong, but if the spears were to get in combat would they not be able to kill my mage?, and if they dont get in combat what are they there for? I took an extra eagle than I wanted so thats 50pts towards more sh, take the spears off reavers and I should be real close. Would you keep the razor standard for the silverhelms? or just make it a bsb and then take the razor with the standard bearer in the PG?

I know teclis is expensive, but I think if u calculate what he can do based on magic item costs he comes out pretty close and is able to pick and choose the best spells from each lore that can be had every game, I think that aspect of him gets overlooked and is highly underrated.. again correct me if im wrong.

25-07-2014, 03:33
Reavers are useless i dont know why people take them..... eagles are way better.

You have very few men, but without reavers you save 200 pts for other stuff.

teclis is a power house, so you dont need that LVL2!!!! dump him! useless as well.

Caradyran is cool but an Annointed on foot would make a better general in that PGuard unit. also that noble seems a little weak, why not buy him extra defensive stuff and just give the razor banner to the banner bearer of whatever unit he's joining (like the Pguard)

Admiral General
25-07-2014, 06:29
Thanks for the tips I have made some changes to my list a little bit ago, most of them were exactly what you said.

I kept the Mage though.

New list is


Mage lvl2 dispelled scroll
Noble bsb 4++, enchanted shield, heavy armour.

16 archers
12 silcerhelms fc, shields
5 reavers
5 reavers

21 white lions fc, botwd
28 Phoenix guard fc, razor standard


Reavers are great.. they take up space in a bad core section. And can harass war machines

25-07-2014, 07:20
First Reavers are amazingly useful. Cos of there fast caverly ability, there great are running though small gaps and attaking the weak units at the back of the board such as war machine, lone characters and flanks of archer unit. They also redirect magic and arrow away from your more important block.

Archer Bunker, the rest of your army want to move forward and get into combat, so the archers seem out of place as you will only get one round of shooting if you go second before most units are lock in combat and you have no valid target but chaff to shoot at which well cause your archer to spin on the spot to shoot at, denying your wizard the line of sight he needs. I personally would put more reavers with bows in, as they can move and shoot no penalty and most of the time will be at shot range, so hitting on 3+. Also if you give them spear they do make good rear charging units for 3+ combat res.

I would put your Teclis in the Pheonix Guard
Try and get a mounted BSB for the silver helms.
Put Caradyne in the white lions as they will befit from the 6+ward save.
Drop the 2lvl from the dispell cady and both eagles for a unit of 5 dragon princes no upgrade.

Dragon prince will get bog down and stuck in blocks if they do not charge. But they are amazing turn two combat flank charge.

Bascily the WL and PG should be able to get in comabt and hold units whilst your all caverly deals with smaller weaker unit. Before flanking and rear charging the units your WL and PG are holding up.

I not sure if you have chosen a magic lore yet, but I would suggest shadow if your not hiding your mage at the back.

Admiral General
25-07-2014, 16:34
doesnt caradryan only give magic resistance 1, so a 6+ ward vs magic only? the white lions have botwd for a 2+ save vs magic.

im liking the possibility of 5 dragon princes, i wanted to fit them in.. but putting the noble in the SH group would be difficult, I dont like putting those types of things on the flanks. Easier to lose your bsb and way easier to have it not in range. Also caradryan was there to protect teclis.

Teclis chooses 1 spell from each lore, so you dont get to just pick all of shadow. Ive been contemplating what spells to take..

25-07-2014, 17:19
5 dragon princes is awesome!

ehh caradryan blows.

still with the lvl 2! a dispel scroll isnt worth 150 pts, id spent those pooints on the dragon princes!

teclis is important enough for a nearly useless bunker.

25-07-2014, 18:08
Seems like a solid list to me, as you have a good anvil a.k.a the Phoenix guard or the white lions and some pretty good hammers a.k.a white lions, silver helms and (if you chose to use them and I would definitely use them) dragon princes.

I wouldn't put Teclis in the Phoenix guard, because you want the Phoenix to grind down big blocks/hold them in place and while his sword is pretty awesome, he only has strength and toughness 2 and no save, but you can get some nasty spell combo's with his ability to chose spells. I would personally get a Loremaster of Hoeth or an Archmage, and if so, put the Loremaster in either the Phoenix Guard or the White Lions, because you can either kit him to be aggressive or to be casty. If you take the Archmage, leave him with the archers.

Also, if you take Eagles, you might want to upgrade them with Swiftsense and Shredding Tallons, drop one reaver unit, buff the Silver Helms up to 15 or 16 strong and send the Eagles after war machines/small units/mage bunkers.

Admiral General
25-07-2014, 20:42
If im going to get dragon princes I can basically only fit them if they have no command, is that worth it?

If I removed the archers from my list like people want me to do, what do I do with teclis/archmage if i decide not to take teclis.

If I remove 1 eagle, 1 reaver squad, the archers, and my lvl2 mage, I can get a 2nd squad of 12 silverhelms with FC and shields, and a 5 man bare bones squad of dragon princes. Or I could swap the command from SH to DP.. or give both one command..

Its possible to take a horse for my noble and put him in one of the SH/DP squads if that is better, its an easy change to make. Would you keep him with the same gear?

26-07-2014, 07:37
Dp are strong enough with out a comand to take out small units and using one of you anvil units, be the final blow to big units. Silver helm being lower WS, I, A and slightly easier to kill, can befit massivly from a hero for the extra attacks and leadership. I like dragon armour, shield, barded horse, star lance or somekind of magic weapon or the crown of command to turn the unit into a rally tar pit for basic infanty. Plus if you can give silver helms a magic standard the gleming pendent fo 5pt is worth it.

26-07-2014, 08:29
Plus if you can give silver helms a magic standard the gleming pendent fo 5pt is worth it.
you can't give silver helms a magic standard, only with BSB which is better of in the Phoenix Guard/White Lions and without a Magic Standard so you can keep the BSB alive.

27-07-2014, 08:32
Thanks it was only a thought