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26-07-2014, 07:07
Hi there!

I worked on a full cavalry Empire list (have just read the Sigmar trilogy) which, I think, could be not that bad against my main enemies (OK, Beastmen and HE in semi competitive mode) as far as they dont take Metal lore because everyone is 1+!

Warrior Priest : Dawnstone / Dragon Helm / Heavy Armor / Shield / Barded Horse
Rerollable 1+ (2++ against Metal) and my only magic resistance

10 IC Knights : FC / Lances
My main unit where the Priest will go to reroll Hit and Wound

3 Demigryph Knights : Lances
I think that lances are more effective than Halberds but tell me if itīs not the case. They can one shot chaff and take both flanks if needed

3 Demigryph Knights : Lances
I think that lances are more effective than Halberds but tell me if itīs not the case. They can one shot chaff and take both flanks if needed

Steam Tank
Empire cant go without artillery and the Tank is still a must have, especially used as a flaming chariot!

TOTAL = 998

So, what do you think about this try?

I know it will be difficult against HE but it is always the case!

26-07-2014, 17:03
You don't have a bsb, which some people would die without. But I think at 1k you'll be fine.

Lances on demis are better technically, because of the armor save bonus of shield.

Should be a fun list!

26-07-2014, 19:27
I don't know why you think HE will be a hard matchup at all, bar the Lore of Metal - even against White Lions your units are still boasting a respectable 4+ save. It looks like a very strong list for 1000pts, in fact I might even advise a little caution; Demigryphs and STanks can be received badly enough at 2400pts!

And yes, lances are far superior. Maintaining a high armour save for the entire model is far more important than giving the weedy bit of flesh on top a bit more power after the first round of combat.

26-07-2014, 20:37
Very similar to my 1k component for next years battle brothers. I am toying with 5IC plus bsb, and 5 vanilla knights with WP though.

I will partner HE who will bring a loremaster a phoenix and some dragon knights. We are stuck for HE core though. Silverhelms best and fit with the mounted army but nowhere for the LM to go unless we have seaguard bunker...

26-07-2014, 20:44
Yeah its a good list just kind of mean. Most of it will matter on whether they have lore of metal or lost of stuff to deal with high armor save.
Either you win and lose barely anyone or you'll lose horribly because your list is all armor.

Silver Wolf
26-07-2014, 20:58
Sorry for intruding, but I was wondering...
If you cast a lore of metal spell on 1+ AS unit is it an auto-hit or do you still have to roll (due to the fact that rolls of 1 are always considered as failed)?

And as an Empire player I agree with previous posts.
It's a really hard 1000pts list... One of the most competitive in fact. The only weaknesses are the lore of metal and stuff that chews through armor (even though the latter isn't such a big deal at 1000pts, since such units are usually expensive).

Also, you have no way of dealing with ethereal units.
But unfortunately I see no way of squeezing in a basic 5 point magic sword except sacrificing 1+ AS on the Warrior priest.

26-07-2014, 21:27
Mind you, most ethereal stuff is rubbish and should be CR'd with banners and charging, except the Green Knight and he doesnt fit in 1k. I do hear hexwraiths are nasty though but not played against them, our vc player just brings spririt hosts.

27-07-2014, 07:28
I'd like to thank you all for these nice feedbacks.

At first, this list was pure fluff with the WP and his fellow local knights.

Then I add my favorite Empire miniatures : Demigryphs (I play Skullcrushers in my Chaos list so they are sort of cousin even if their endurance is lower).

Finally, the Steam Tank because I was curious about it and wanted some gunpowder.

So it seems that this little army can do well? Even against Swordmasters (I really hate them, by 15 or 20)?

Cant deal with them with my Chaos composition neither...

Thanks again!

27-07-2014, 18:11
Yes, this is basically one of the current tournament builds for empire, only smaller. If the people you're playing against are expecting a pretty friendly list, don't be surprised if they get a face on ;-) If you want the list to be seen as friendlier, I'd drop the tank. Lots of lists at 1000pts will really struggle to deal with it.

As said above, on DGK lances are a better choice than halberds in most circumstances.

One more thought: Can you squeeze a ruby ring onto the warrior priest? (Maybe instead of some ICK command and his dragonhelm - swap it for enchanted shield maybe?). It'll give you something to do with your power dice on turn 1, and a way of dealing with Mangler squigs etc that could cause you trouble otherwise.