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31-07-2014, 14:04
Not sure where else to put this. As highlighted on Jake Thortens blog Wargames Foundry are currently selling God of Battles at half price. It is for me the best way of using those old GW fantasy figures and gives a good game in a shortish time. Anyone interested can read any one of the reviews scatered over the web and head over to Wargames Foundry's website to get it for 12.50.

Sadly currently they aren't selling bar on ebay the old fantasy range which contains my all time favourite Fantasy models (the goblin and dwarf ranges entertain me for hours!). Most notably the Dwarf torture set
and (truly massive) troll throwing a goblin hang glider!
(To go with the other gliders http://i1223.photobucket.com/albums/dd516/arjenpilon/handglider01.jpg )

08-08-2014, 14:08
Thanks for the notice, I have been meaning to get this book for a while now.

17-10-2014, 13:38
Mine just arrived - looks good!