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22-06-2006, 00:30
Suppose I am charged in the rear while not engaged. After a bit of a stoush I drive off my would-be nemeses and decide it isn't worth the bother chasing after their pathetic remnants.

But which way am I facing now? Despite their ineptitude, I must surely have been looking in their eyes when I defeated them ... so am I watching them disappear into the distance, or am I disdainfully staring in the direction I was facing when I was charged? Does the number of rounds of combat, or my number of ranks affect the answer in any way?

22-06-2006, 01:18
If you successfully test to restrain persuit then the unit remains facing exactly the same way as it originally was when you were charged.

Number of rounds of combat and number of ranks makes no difference at all.

(Note that the 7th ed rumours allow a turn and face as a reaction for winning a round of combat, but there is no such thing in the current rules.)

22-06-2006, 19:20
Just take pride and add insults about not even needing to turn around! This can be a total pain when you are engaged when in long thin ranks to the flank you have to fight the whole combat with 1 model.

It would be a pain if you had to turn to face as other wise people could charge you units with cheap models forecing them to turn then magic in ubber unit from the now back (front)