View Full Version : Opinions on my first Greenskin list please

02-08-2014, 08:44
Im plotting to begin a greenskin army. Any thoughts on my list?


Great Orc Shaman L4
Talisman of protection

Night Goblin Shaman L2
Dispell scroll

Armour of Silvered Steel

Snagla Gobspit

Goblin Boss riding Wolf (3)


30 Savage Orc big uns (64)
Extra hand weapons

49 Night Goblin Archers (77)
3 Fanatics

13 Spider Riders (Deff Creepers)


22 Black Orcs
No shields (is this wise?)
Banner of discipline

6 Trolls

5 Squig Hoppers (for specifically charging fast cav)


2 Mangler Squigs

2 Doom Divers

10-08-2014, 15:11
Change your orc shaman to a savage and put him in the group with the lucky shrunken head. You can always augment him with fists of gork and you have one hell of a decent character in the front of your horde. Blorcs I would definitely give shields. Who are you leaving with the trolls to baby sit them as you have no high heroes with decent leadership, I wouldn't go lower than a blorc hero to sit with them and if you are using your orc mage for this then he isn't bad but he still only has leadership 7. Haven't used Snagla and his creepers before but at those numbers they should work quite well at clearing the enemies back line. Just remember they are goblins so all they have to do is lose one combat and they vanish. Squig hoppers aren't really a decent choice, I prefer goblin heroes on wolves running solo with a magic weapon if possible, they do the trick better and with more of them out there you can redirect frenzy blocks or go for multiple chaff targets or combi charge. Manglers and doom divers are fine although i would probably get one diver and one rock lobba as one works for big blocks of infantry and thinning them out for your troops and the other works on elite cav and bunkers. Good luck though, with these tweeks it should be a pretty epic list.

11-08-2014, 22:59
I would just say that with orcs it's nice to get as many models as possible. 40 sav orcs and 30 black orcs are the sizes i'd use.
Decent list, but just remember you don't have to commit to playing your unit with a particular formation, go ahead and deploy your gobbo archers 10 wide at least IMO, then shrink your frontage if you are worried about needing steadfast.