View Full Version : 1500 Dark Elf list, which one?

02-08-2014, 14:11
Need a list to play a small battle against Orks and Goblins and came up with these three lists...


Monster List 1:

Morathi on Pegasus with Dark Magic

30x Corsairs with extra weapons and full command

5x Dark Riders with musician, bows, shields

2x War Hydra with Fiery Breath

5x Doomfire Warlocks

1x Kharibdyss

The idea is to use the dark riders and Warlocks to lure out any fanatics and use Morathi to get Shroud of Despair off. Then charge with the beasts and force a load of terror checks that likely cause a cascade of fleeing units. Mop up the remainder with the Corsair block.

I'm strongly considering to drop a hydra here and add either cold one knights or a pegasus master.


Shooty List 2:

Supreme Sorcerress, L4, Pegasus, Talisman of Preservation

Tullaris Dreadbringer -> Executioners

15x Corsairs with Handbows and Standard

5x Dark Riders with Shields and Bows

10x Darkshards with Shields

20x Executioners, 7x3

2x Reaper Bolt Thrower

2x5 Warlocks

More competitive units, but maybe too much magic and not enough blocks that can actually stand up in a fight.


Choppy-chop list 3:

Hellebron -> Witches
Tullaris -> Executioners

5x Dark Riders, Shields, Bows

20x Witch Elves, 7x3, standard with razor banner

5x Cold One Knights, standard bearer with gleaming pennant

20x Executioners

2x5 Warlocks

Brute force list that should shred everything in melee, downside is vulnerability to shooting and frenzy on both the blocks so extra worry about fanatics.