View Full Version : What is, "on foot"?

02-08-2014, 22:27
Is therr any rules difference for being on foot? If so, what? I'm sure i've read or heard lines such as "on foot" and it been mentioned in such a way as it meant something different to infantry.

02-08-2014, 22:30
It mean's "not mounted".

02-08-2014, 22:55
Anything can be on foot, not just infantry, except for cavalry of all types of course. Also it is possible for troop types other than the cavalries to not be "on foot" as in the case of Slann: this distinction can be relevant to anything, potentially, but the most prominent examples are spells and magic items.
As is, it literally means single-profile models designed to be walking on the ground; or at least that's as close to a definition as you're going to get I fear.