View Full Version : Shadow Dancer and Woven Mist

04-08-2014, 04:39
So I have a bit of an odd question about the Shadow Dancer using the Dance of the Woven Mist. So for most of the dances it refers specifically to the Dancers for their effect, but for Woven Mist it says that enemy units in base contact with the UNIT (not the Dancers) don't get combat res for ranks. So the question I have is this: If I put a Shadow Dancer in a unit of non-Wardancers (say, Eternal Guard) and they wounds up in base contact with 2 units, one way or another, would both units wind up losing rank bonuses if I used Woven Mist, even if the Shadow Dance isn't in base contact with both?

Bonus question: Does Woven Mist remove Steadfast (I assume that this has been asked before and the answer is no, but I thought I'd find out).