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05-08-2014, 09:02
Hi guys,

Just re-reading two rules, and wondering if I can get your help.


It says a successful charge means the unit can move an unlimited distance, and gets a wheel to maximise contact.

But do you calculate that wheel into the charge distance to find out if they are in range?

For eg. What if my unit of horsemen charge the side of a chariot, but have to get around an enemy unit slightly to complete the charge. They need to wheel to make contact, otherwise they miss. They are 12 inches away as the crow flies, but the wheel would make it more like 15 or 16 inches.

If I roll a 14, are they successful chargers? Because they are only 12 inches away, and they get a free wheel?

Or would I need to roll a 15 (charge range including wheel) to be deemed successful?

Fast cavalry

They can reform as many times as they like so long as they don't move double their movement.

Does this mean:

A. They can move their full movement, for eg. 18 inches, reforming as they see fit as long as the reforms don't make them move double during the reform.

B. Reforms take away from their movement, eg. if I reform to a new facing, and one rider moves 4", they can now only move 15 inches?

05-08-2014, 09:20
For charge distance, this is covered in the BRB. You measure nearest corner to nearest corner on the units, and that's the number you need to get on 2D6+M. The wheel is free, and you get to make one wheel of up to 90 degrees.

Not 100% on fast cav, as I don't run any.

05-08-2014, 14:24
For B: We play it something in between. You can reform as much as you want, but the start and end position of each model can not be further apart (regarding movement path) than double the movement value.
So for example if you have a rank of 5 fast cav with M8 and move straight forward 16", you can't reform besides turning 180, because anything else would have the most forward model have moved more then 2*8".
On the other hand if you have a rank of 5 fast cav with M8 and move forward by 4", then regroup to conga line, move another 8", then regroup to rank again, you can move another 4" forward (and afterwards only stay or turn 180 again).
And if you move 8" forward, regroup to face 90 left, move another 8" forward and then regroup to face to the original position we're fine with it too (although this is somewhat awkward).

Basically it's <take a model, move it 16", take the next model, move it 16" through the same places, etc. until you have moved everyone up to 16" and have one valid formation at the end>.