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10-08-2014, 05:08
Hey gang,
After a long break from WFB I am feverishly sculpting and painting a pile of new models to bring my old Tzeentch daemon army into the new book for Rumble in a few weeks. Rumble is a 2000 point event that is heavy comped.

As I am fairly clueless as how the "meta" works now, I could really use some feedback.

Historically, I have gotten pants-ed in comp at Rumble events. I am trying to buck the trend and take a themed, not commonly seen list that I think looks pretty weak. I am not trolling. I am looking for feedback as my knowledge of the game is very dated.

Lord Of Change, lvl 3, metal lore, wand of whimsy

Blue Scribes

Herald of Tzeentch, BSB, Lore of Metal, Lvl 2

15 horrors, Muso and command
15 horrors, Muso and command
10 horrors
10 horrors

4 flamers

3 screamers
3 screamers

5 Furies

Burning Chariot of Tzeentch

Total Points: 1991pts

10-08-2014, 14:02
Flamers are useless unless you are using them as a bus for your exalted flamers, but honestly I would drop them and squeeze in two exalted. If your intending to use horrors at that size as combat blocks at 2000 points then you are sorely misled. Honestly I would be converging the two 15's into a group of 20-25 (this is were you can get extra points for that exalted flamer). Keep the groups of ten to your sides but close enough to the opponent to drop any of the good stuff (treason, pink fire, big bad portal). Roll for your big groups spells first as this will hopefully drop the decent ones back onto your bunkers. Everything else is pretty much spot on although you will have an awful lot of spell levels and not many dice to use 'em with.

Daenerys Targaryen
10-08-2014, 14:25
1. Take your LoC as: Eternal Blade + Lesser Gift + Lv2 lore of Metal.
The Wand on the whole really requires the +1 'free' Dispel Dice reward to make it work. The Eternal Beatstick as its been dubbed, is just plain 110% better in every way.

2. Lose the BSB, as Tzeentch doesn't need one. Most of the time you'll be avoiding combat at all costs, and you can't even protect the Tzherald's weak little **** anyways.
Give him the Exalted Locus instead for added boosting of Gateway.

3. Your Core is fine. The Gateway until will have little trouble building numbers, ditto for which ever unit lands Firestorm.

4. If you're going to use Flamers, (who are easily the outright worst unit in the game!), then take only 3 and add a pair of Exalted Flamers to the unit. (rules were in one of the White Dwarf Weekly issues)
The Flamers pass on their skirmisher rule to the Exalteds, making them quite powerful. It's the one and only use for this otherwise 1000% garbage unit.

5. 1 Burny Chariot is good, but flimsy. Two work very well in concert with eachother!

Keep in mind that overall Tzeentch is god-awful in the current DoC book though... ANYTING Tzeentch can do well, Slaanesh or Nurgle do much better. (and Khorne Doggies or more Furies easily fill the limited role of Screamers)

A Soul Grinder w/Baleful Torrent would really help you out.. Flaming attacks to bypass any Regen you might very easily run into, as well as being a combat supporter to the LoC and/or the Chariot, or else to hit the flank of a stompable unit your Horror anvil is holding up.

Also, if you face Highly Whiney Elves and their Banner of "I-win!" Dragon, just resign yourself to the fact you'll be lucky to even draw that match-up... Tzeentch's only real answers are:
1. chaff it with Furies + Screamers all game
2. 6-dice Final Trans at it 2-3 times
3. run the ******* away from it all game!
Slaanesh and conga-lining Beasts of Nurgle is what really answers that steaming poop sandwich...

Hope this helps