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Autobot HQ
22-06-2006, 13:33
Thinking about a Lizardmen army and leaning towards a Red Host, as I've done lizards before and this seems different enough for me to warrent doing them again.

Basically, any ideas for units or characters? Full army lists don't need to be given just random ideas are ok, though if you have an effective list you want to share please feel free!

I had the idea of the skink of doom (Blade of Tzunki, enchanted shield, LA) but his points cost seems a bit high for essentially a skink. What do people think?

Also, is the list without shamans do-able? instead using Skar vetrs and saurus with Tepoks mark to get say 6-7 DD?

Any ideas?


god octo
23-06-2006, 17:08
i think that the inclusion of a skink priest would be good, as skink heroes arent amazing. also, with the lore of beasts they could use the default spell to rally any fleeing skinks:) The engine of the gods also sounds fun. for your leader, i would pick a scar vet, as he has good stats, but is not amazingly expensive.

hope that helps a bit.

25-06-2006, 16:27
At last someone who mentions the red host! I love the army list, I think its much better and more caracterful than any regular list or sacred host...

Some combos are...

lots of swarms to take charges from the enemy, and then of course conter charge with something.

Skirmishing skinks are much better becouse of the spawning of sotek... they can actually do some damage, and people get relly freaked when you charge ypur most fragile unit into the front of regular infantry...

Red crests should be used in conjuction with another unit... preferably skirmishers... and perhaps some swarms...
The skirmishing skinks take the front... and then the crests countercharge into the flank... could be done with swarms too...

One great combo is to put a skink hero with the skavenpelt banner into a saurus unit... 4 attacks/saurus... then give them spears and OMG what a hardhitting unit... although costy...

Salamanders are great... but then again, they always are...

For heroes and stuff I dont have any clue yet... skink chiefs are not that great but if used in numbers might be good... the altertriad of the WE comes in mind...

Please get some armylist ideas too... I like this thread.. :)

Autobot HQ
27-06-2006, 18:27
OK been experimenting with the Skink of Doom.

In a unit of Red Crests he seems to do ok, as 5 S5 attacks ignoring armour saves is harsh on anyone. (Skavenpelt banner included in unit), but the standard crest tends to be decimated against anything unless used right (IE those move through forest rules are there for a reason!).

He also seems to do ok as a suprise addition to a sciouinting unit of skinks - Essentially a kind of nutcase assassin skink who I can use to attack warmachines and lone wizards, as well as try and attack flanks or small knightly units. I do fear however this combo wont work against high shooting armies who will blow the lil fellas unit to bits and cause it to panic away, fleeing for its life.

Nike-Air Saurus (Charm of Jaguar & GW) always does well, popping out of units to destroy chariots coming towards me, and randomly charging skirmising units that are sneaking up on the side of those units. Quetzl or Tepok mark is the Question though; If i do take a sknk shaman then Quetzl methinks, but if I co combat + high DD count then it'll have to be Tepok. What you guys think?

ATM it's looking something like Tehenuain, Nike-Saurus, Nutcase Skink of Doom will definitly get places in the list, although Tehenuain will be required unless the group lemme use an Oldblood, and even hen I'd be tempted to stick with him as he's so cool!


28-06-2006, 20:28
Tehenhauin is really cool :) That little triat seems nice, but skink cheifs are very cheap (slot-wise) and thus its a good idea to take 2, perhaps one with the skavenpelt (in a saurus unit)???? :D

At the moment I have a lot of special and rare units, but very little troops (since skinks dont count towards troop slots), but my heroes looks very like yours. Tehenhauin, Scar-vet(jag-charm), skink priest, skink chief (skavenpelt), skink chief (unit booster). For the next 1000 pts Ill ad a Oldblood on carnosaur. :)

Autobot HQ
29-06-2006, 15:46
Ok character-wise I'm thinking;

Nike-Air Saurus
Nutcase Skink O Doom
Sneaky Skink (Crest, Blood Statuette & Burning Blade, possibly BSB)
Priest of Magical Helpiness (Crest, Diadem of Power)

... Priest of magical helpiness? Can't you tell I used to play Orcs :D Anyway, I figure the priest can probably stay lvl1 and stay useful storing unused dice for following turns, whilst the new sneaky skink will help with that Blood Statuette, as my main opponents will be Skaven & Elves :D The Burning Blade will help if his unit is charged by knights or something as I figure I'll probably scout him and hide him on a flank somewhere annoying people, so perhaps replace that burning blade with the Staff of the Lost Sun.

Think I might have to make him a BSB though, as Ld8 even on 3dice is a bit suspect (you'd think I'd love it, being used to Ld5 goblins but for some reason I swear they pass more tests than my opponents elves..). If I do, I wouldn't want to give him the Skavenpelt as I can see him being challenged and promtly eaten by something scary - Mv6 skinks makes more sense ensuring we strike first, especially if I'm playing vs. Skaven. I don't know, will need looking into I guess.

List-Wise I think I'm looking at 2 units of 16 Saurus with Tepok, and the rest is up for grabs. That should ensure 7 - 9 DD without having Tepok on the Skar-Vet, so I can grab Quetzl on him for the 3+ save.