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11-08-2014, 16:10
Howdy Fellow Heretics. I need some advice on how to expand my current Chaos Warband. My warband currently has a

Fallen Sorcerer

Fallen Bike Squad
-Plasma Gun

[Fallen Squad]
9x Chaos Marines
-Plasma Gun
-Aspiring Champion w/Plasma Pistol
-Rhino (Bare Bones)
-I currently have one more marine from the DV kit. Should I work on converting him into a marine with a plasma gun? I have no problem with running this squad as Troops or Plague Marines. Depending on this choice determines how I paint up my Chaos Lord from the DV kit as well!

Night Lord Forces

10x Raptors
-2x Melta Guns
-Champion has Power Weapon

Helldrake w/ Bale Flamer

Hellbrute w/Multi-Melta

Rhino w/Havoc Launcher
-I currently have a 10 man chaos squad to assemble. My current loadout is looking to be 2x Flamers, I have yet to assemble these dudes. I can also Min the Squad to be 5-5 with different options. I was going to have the aspiring champion have dual lightning claws? Is including more flamers overkill with the Helldrake?


10x Cultists w/Autoguns
-Heavy Stubber

10x Cultists w/ CC + Pistol

10x Cultists w/Auto-guns
-I'm currently using guardsmen, I'm considering giving a flamer to this squad because of how sucky the heavy stubber has been. I do want the Auto-guns with this squad. However I think I'm including too many flamers in my army list. Another reason why I'm worried of equipping my Night Lord tactical squad with flamer.

[B]Currently I have a defiler in the basic loadout (Heavy Flamer, Reaper). I have no idea how to paint him up. I am currently looking for inspiration to paint him up!

This is the beginning, I have more! I main orks so I automatically bought Stormclaw. The spacewomen models have got me excited to convert these fellows into Luna Wolves. However fluff wise they would need to be Sons of Horus to be on the chaos bandwagon. My paint scheme would probably be split along the middle. Half would be black legion colors however the other half would be in the sons enigma. However I'm worried that the greenish paint would make them blend in with my fallen Green/black scheme. I still might use the purple and justify it as the war band has fought for Horus since the beginning. Some suggestions on paints from the games-workshop line would be awesome as well! The Tatical Squad from the kit is the least of my concerns. I am worried about how I should Set up My Terminators!

I have plans on converting the Terminators to have the following Load-out
-Sergent have Combi-Plasma with Power Weapon (CHALLENGE ACCEPTED)
-2x Combi-Plasma with Power Weapons
-1x Combi-Plasma with Power Fist
-1x Heavy Flamer/Reaper with Power Fist[/COLOR]

I do want to purchase another Heavy Support Slot to support the terminators in my list. I was considering purchasing a Land Raider or a Predator, but I'm heavily conflicted! Terminators can usually show up via a extremely ballsy deep strike and clear out MEQ that are sulking in Cover which is why I'm considering the predator for some anti-armor. After Deep-Striking I can have the terminators Simple hold a objective indefinitely. Either way I get access to another Havoc Launcher for my other Rhino.

I have read the terminator Tactical thread to get an idea on how to equip them! I know my post is quite lengthy but I do need some Hobby Advice/Load out. I've been gathering bits to convert my terminators but I do need help as I want to glue the weapons into place. I've been doing some extensive research, but I wanted someone who has used the codex to help me out!