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22-06-2006, 15:07
Well my life is no longer in the toilet and I can actually eat real food instead of living off of canned beans and other cheap stuff (fighting for your own suirivial sucks. Feel sorry for homeless bums, give them your coppers!) and well, another bonus, I have the internet back.

Now I don't know whats really been going on with this website, but well, I've decieded to cruise back into RPGs again and I was wondering if anyone would like to have me start a recruitment thread for a RPG and get one rolling.....

Just wondering whats going on and if people would want to accept me back into the Warseer RPG world...................

22-06-2006, 15:13
Yay for successful fighting for life!

Well, I was around when you left and everyone certainly seemed gutted to see you go, but missed you're actual RP/GMing days, but as far as I'm concerned there's always room for more RPing so dive back in and show me what I missed last time you were around :D

22-06-2006, 15:15
Yeah after you left interest here died off so its been hard to get and RPG going and if it does its real slow.

22-06-2006, 15:16
Yeah. I don't think there's been an RP that hit 20 pages before it died for Months!

Commander X
22-06-2006, 15:20
At the moment there's not much going on, but I'm sure we'd be happy to welcome you back here. It's become quite quiet here while you were gone though.

22-06-2006, 15:24
Well I did some research and it turns out, I did hold the longest RPG so far on Warseer.....I'm kind of hoping I can draw people back into RPGing, so this part of the forum can take off once more....

Hmm we should start a major advertising campaign, as in place in your sig a link to this part of the forums, so people know it exists and we can hopefully draw more people in..........................

Oh yeah, just in case people have forgotten, this is my creation, the phemonon that was Traitor...............http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1906&page=143

I really would like to begin, but well, I'm going on hold till tomorrow....I need to see whats happening and who is about

Hate Train
22-06-2006, 18:57
Not much is happening.

28-06-2006, 12:02
Im still about although all the rps ive joined died horrible deaths..

28-06-2006, 20:53
Take a look at the Shadow Games RPG, it might actually go somewhere as alot of people seem really interested....

And you know me, I usually give people what they want, a kick **** RPG and some real action.....a vampire suivival RPG sound tempting nikolai?