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15-08-2014, 19:53
Okay all that Nagash talk is getting me itching to start FB army. Problem is GW's not-so-friendly prices. And me having trouble settling for army :P

Anyway with Nagash was feeling fairly undead and that's army I haven't had much experience with before. And then I noticed mantic 120e box that brings hefty number of useful undead models(plus one catapult but then again...I expect that will come handy cometh the 9th edition!). Also have one box of revenants(wights).

So basically I laid out every single model I would have(minus catapult) and got following list:

vampire lord(lvl 4, lance, barded nightmare, master of black arts, aura of dark majesty, heavy armour, shield) 468

30xzombies 90
40xskeletons(standard bearer) 210
40xghouls 400
40xgraveguard(full command) 430
10xblack knights(full command, banner of barrows, barding, lance) 340

total: 1938

Not exactly optimal I think(graveguard needs GW...But not sure how to convert those revenants to have one. That's the bad side of mantic models!) but this should be "army on a budget".

Still leaves bit over 400 pts left. Think I need more characters. Particularly casting ones for invocations(I hear it's good for vampires). Maybe downgrade vampires casting ability(he's more of "up close" and beef his defences a bit? And add lvl 4 necromancer plus maybe another vampire to the mix?

Probably could drop zombies off since I'll likely need some for raising purposes as well.

Spirit hosts could be handy chaff as well and luckily there's rumours of plastic ones :D Actually chaff is something I definitely could do with. Maybe split ghouls to units of 10 for some chaff that way?

20-08-2014, 05:56
add characters. your units are good, for sure.

perhaps add a monster like the terrogheist

i dont play VC but i know you should probably go for the vampire lord kitted out to kill people, then get some necromancers and such. perhaps something like a mortis engine.

but anyway point is that i think your combat blocks look good, add to it and make it great!

22-08-2014, 22:57
Caster vampires are unfortunately a very expensive, and not very effective, use of points. For the price of that grave guard unit you're getting...what...5 S5 attacks and a mediocre magic phase? Hardly worth it.

The reason the "standard blender" build exists is because it's the best way to make that bad boy effective. S7 attacks with Ogre Blade, Red Fury+Quickblood+5 high-WS attacks means that you'll be hitting first, likely rerolling to hit, wounding on 2s, and not allowing armour saves. He can consistently do 5-10 wounds and cuts through armour like butter. With a 2+4++ and T5 he's also quite resilient. It's also one of the only ways to get him to compare to a unit as expensive as his price tag. Without him he's not really worth while.

Furthermore, he's an anti-armour tool in an army without many effective ones. You've got him, grave guard (slow and not very maneuverable, making it tough to catch those mobile armoured units), terrorgheists (awesome, but they have their weaknesses), and other screams (not particularly effective). Also hex wraiths, which are devastated by a single magic missile and can't really be relied upon.

edit: Also take that banner off the BK bus and put it on the grave guard (who should have great weapons, by the way). +1 to hit on 10 low-I attacks isn't much to shake a stick at. +1 movement is though. Also cheaper.

23-08-2014, 00:33
If you don't mind, there are plenty of alternatives to GW models, most of them at half the price and similar sculping (and some even better).