View Full Version : Wipeout, overrun and predatory fighter

17-08-2014, 18:56
Hi all, If I wipe out a unit with my Saurus when they charge do they have to overrun or can they reform?

17-08-2014, 21:58
Yes, it's in the rule for predatory fighter.

18-08-2014, 16:37
Predatory fighter says 'can only test to restrain pursuit if [Skinks etc]'.
Wipe out BRB pg. 53 states that the unit causing the wipeout 'automatically restrains pursuit', not that it automatically passes the test-which they can not take-a difference I think?

18-08-2014, 19:20
Predatory fighter rule means that models with this rule cannot attempt to restrain pursuit unless a skink chief or priest is within 6" of the unit (p. 30 of LM 8th ed army book). If you read the rule for frenzy, over-run is considered a form of pursuit on the turn you charged.
Normal units must LD test to restrain pursuit of a fleeing enemy in combat if able to pursue (p. 56 BRB).
Frenzied units must pursue if able (and must overrun if they charged that turn) (p. 70 BRB).
Normal units do not have to over-run if the opposing unit is wiped in the turn they charged and do not have to test to avoid over-runing (BRB, p. 53).
Over-run only occurs in the turn the unit charged and if the charged unit is destroyed.
A pursuit can only be declared on one fleeing enemy unit (BRB, P. 60) and the roll to catch must be equal or greater than the flee roll to catch and destroy the fleeing unit (BRB, pp. 56, 60).
Also, a unit pursuing or over-running can destroy another enemy unit that was fleeing if it runs into it on the pursuit or over-run and may reform after destroying the fleeing unit (p. 58).
Note that if a charging unit catches a fleeing unit on the charge, then it contacts that fleeing unit, destroys the fleeing unit and then may reform if it passes a LD test (BRB, p. 23).

18-08-2014, 20:26
With Predatory Fighter you can only test to restrain pursuit if there is a skink character nearby.
When you overrun with wipeout you can CHOOSE to restrain or pursue. There is no test. A Skink character here does not unlock a test to be taken.
So units with PF can restrain and reform when they wipeout an enemy unit.