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17-08-2014, 19:09

The missus has been away this weekend, and so some friends and I took the opportunity to squeeze in some gaming time. With four fairly diverse armies, we decided to wing it and go for a four-way free-for-all. In retrospect, it might not have been the best idea, since two of the players were new to Fantasy, and myself and the other player haven't had time for a game in quite a while. That all being the case, it took absolutely ages to get through, and we only managed half of a full battle in the end. It was, nonetheless, pretty brutal and chaotic!

I was asked to do a report on here for it, so here we go!



In the woods behind the town, the hulking Greenskin warboss hefted his scimitar and licked at his lips in anticipation.
"Stunties," he grunted at his troops, his face splitting into a twisted grin. 'I can smell 'em, boys!'
'Stunties always 'av da best loot!' Gripnek exclaimed, rubbing his scarred hands together, eyes twinkling with excitement like a Gobbo with a sackful of teef.
'What about dem Elfs tho, Boss?' Snikrot the Shaman whimpered. He wrung his hands, eyes darting from side to side. 'Elves are tricky, an' sneaky...'
'So are Gobbos, Snikrot!' He aimed a kick at the little hooded runt, who jumped back just in time, anger briefly flashing across his face. 'Let me worry 'bout dem pointy eared gits, magic man. Yous runts just keep da dead boyz outta my way!'


Orek frowned and scratched at his beard.
'Seems a mighty big ask, manling,' he tutted, leaning close to inspect the offered ware. 'The quality is passable, though hardly anything to write sagas about.' Several of the dwarf traders nodded and grunted in agreement. 'Umgi...' one muttered under his breath, shaking his head, as if the word was both an insult and an explanation. 'Umgak!' mumbled another. 'Manling rubbish!' Behind them, Orek's warriors watched with amusement.
'It's all good,' the man grumbled. 'Local made, excellent quality.'
'Not a patch on decent dwarf stuff...'
'We're not dwarfs, master Orek. If you don't like it...'
'Now let's not be hasty manling!' he cupped the flagon of ale protectively in a meaty fist and pulled it towards him. 'I'm just saying I don't see how it's worth three coppers. Two seems much more reasonable.'
The barman threw up his hands in exasperation. 'You bloody dwarfs will drink me out of business!' he snapped. 'Fine, two coppers!'
Orek grinned. 'Now you're talking, lad! I'll take three pints!'
The barman poured out two more flagons, looking positively green, and pushed them across the counter. 'Careful our passable beer doesn't choke you...'

Beaming, Orek sidled back across the tavern to sit with his clansmen. 'Is there any cheese left?' he asked, elbowing Thuggi out of the way and flopping down onto the rough wooden bench.
'A little,' old Skalf nodded, 'Grodrik ate most of it, mind.'
Grodrik made to thump Skalf, when the tavern doors crashed open and a small human child blustered in. He pushed through the throng of men and dwarfs talking trade and banter by the bar, ducked beneath the hatch, and scrambled round the back.
'Oi!' the barkeep shouted, grabbing the child's shirt and hauling him to his feet. 'What are you doing, Konrad?'
'There's Elves, da'', the boy whimpered. 'In the woods!'
A couple of the men chuckled at that, but Orek's ears pricked up. He glanced back behind him.
'What do you mean, boy? Ain't no Elves round these parts! Running about the place causing havoc, I ought to give you a hiding!'
'There is, da'! They's Elves and they's took Carver an' Peotr!'
'What did these Elves look like, boy?' one of the men asked with a smirk.
'Pointy ears, mister, an' fancy black armour! One of them was a witch, I know it! She said funny stuff and froze Carver's legs still!'

Orek turned back to Skalf, his face black like thunder. His men leaned in conspiratorially.
'Elgi?' he rumbled.
'Ai,' Skalf nodded. 'Elgi thagi... traitors, dark elves, sounds like. Murderous scum, come for slaves. They'll take these umgi vithang, these traders and marketmen, raid their kazid and burn anything they can't steal away.'
Grodrik nodded. 'Unbaraki, oathbreakers... we should tell the gov immediately.'
'Ai, that we should,' Orek agreed. He pushed himself up and made his way through the crowd to where the men were taunting the boy. He pulled one of them back by the seat of his pants, sending him sprawling in the straw. The laughter stopped quite suddenly. 'Where did you see these Elves, boy?' he asked.

Vampire Counts

NB: The VC player bogged off without leaving me his list, so while the units are correct, I'm damned if I know what wargear or points costs were!

Necromancer (Level 3 Wizard)
Vampire (General, Level 2 Wizard)
20 Zombies
Cairn Wraith
19 Zombies
19 Zombies
Corpse Cart
20 Skeletons
6 Dire Wolves
5 Black Knights



Thane (General, Battle Standard Bearer, Master Rune of Valaya, Shield, Hand Weapon) - 158
Runesmith (Great Weapon, Shield, Level 1 Rune of Iron, Level 1 Rune of Spellbreaking) - 114
20 Dwarf Warriors (Hand Weapon, Shield, Full Command) - 210
15 Longbeards (Great Weapon, Full Command, Banner Rune of Slowness) - 275
10 Thunderers (Full Command) - 120
Organ Gun (Rune of Forging) - 145

- 1022

Dark Elves

Dreadlord (General, Great Weapon, Cloak of Twilight, Dawn Stone) - 240
Sorceress (Level 2, Lore of Metal, Channeling Staff) - 130
20 Dreadspears (Full Command, Standard of Discipline) - 225
5 Dark Riders (Crossbow, Shield) - 130
10 Executioners - 150
5 Shades (Great Weapon) - 125

- 1000pts

Orcs and Goblins

Orc Big Boss (General, Great Weapon) - 59
Orc Big Boss (Great Weapon, Gamblers Armour, Battle Standard Bearer) - 104
Night Goblin Shaman (Level 2 Wizard) - 75
20 Orc Boyz (Full Command, Hand Weapon, Shield) - 168
20 Orc Boyz (Full Command, Two Hand Weapons) - 168
20 Night Goblins (Full Command, Spear and Shield, Fanatic) - 115
20 Night Goblins (Musician, Short Bow, Fanatic) - 95(?)
5 Goblin Spider Riders (Musician) - 75
5 Goblin Spider Riders (Musician) - 75
Orc Boar Chariot - 85

- 1019pts

We rolled at random for the scenario (Battleline, fudged a little to fit each army onto a board edge), and terrain - a Settlement of Order (one building, a Sigmarite Shrine, and three fences), a Sinister Statue, a Sorcerous Portal, a patch of Khemrian Quicksand, two Forests, a regular building, and a hill.



Turn One



The Vampire Counts went first, with the Vampire-led Skeletons immediately charging forward and just squeaking into combat with the Runesmith-led Longbeards on the Dwarf left flank. The Black Knights also charged, crashing into the Orc Boar chariot at full pelt. Aside from the Dire Wolves racing right out into the middle of the board, and an attempt at Winds of Death which was dispelled by the Goblin Shaman, the Vampire's first turn was all about combat. The Skeletons killed five Longbeards for three losses, and the Longbeards fled (luckily not off the edge of the board!) while the Knights killed one of the boars pulling the chariot.

In the Dwarf turn, the Longbeards successfully regrouped and reformed, ready to face down the Skeletons once more. The Dwarf Warriors and the Battle Standard Bearer seized upon the exposed Dire Wolves as a chance to exact some revenge for the Old Grumblers, and charged them, killing all six for no losses. The Thunderers reformed into two ranks of five over on the right, allowing them to continue shielding the Organ Gun from assault by the Elves, without obstructing its field of fire. As a consequence, it was able to unleash a volley of ten shots at the Dreadspears, killing four.

The Orcs were next up, and the big block of Night Goblins released their fanatic to shield themselves from the oncoming undead. The Sorcerous Portal cast Speed of Light on the Spider Riders on the Orc left, but their player forgot to use them, and the buff went unused! Everything shuffled about a little, trying to work out which threat to face first, and the Goblin Shaman attempted to cast Night Shroud on the Night Goblins. Unfortunately, he ate a dodgy mushroom in the process, losing a wound, and cast the spell on double-sixes, losing both a level, and the spell, to the miscast! In the combat between the Knights and the Chariot, the two Orc crew were killed for no return (mainly because the Boars had a higher initiative than their masters...)

Closing out turn one, the Dark Elves also maneuvered their positions, with the Shades charging into the Thunderers, while the Dark Rider took full advantage of the slip up with the Spider Riders to charge into them! The Dark Elf Sorceress attempted to cast both Plague of Rust on the Dwarf Warriors, and Searing Doom on the Organ Gun, both of which were quickly dispelled. In combat, the Thunderers stood and shot, killing two Shades, who in turn killed four Thunderers. The Dark Riders slaughtered the poor Spider Gobbos, killing three with shooting and the remaining two in hand-to-hand...

Turn Two



The Undead started their second turn by using the Skeletons' musician to reform and re-charge the bruised and battered Longbeards. Meanwhile, one of the squads of zombies charged the left flank of the big mob of Orc Boyz, in the process being scythed through by the Fanatic, taking 5 wounds. They were joined by the Corpse Cart, which charged the same unit head on, while the other zombies shuffled inexorably forward...
In the magic phase, the Necromancer attempted to cast Winds of Death again, and was once more dispelled. He then cast Hellish Viguor with a catastrophically bad irresistible force - the Necromancer losing all three wizardry levels in the process! The Vampire then cast Invocation of Nehek - and rolled irresistible force again, this time losing a wound, blasting apart six skeletons, and killing three of the Longbeards, but in the process adding six zombies to the unit led by the Cairn Wraith.
In combat, the Vampire challenged the Runesmith to a duel, which he grudgingly accepted, only to be smashed into the ground by the opposing General. The two units killed one other opponent apiece, and the combat held. Meanwhile, the Corpse Cart rolled a huge eleven attacks on 2D6, but only managed to kill two of the Orcs. The zombies managed to kill four more from 20 attacks, whilst the Orcs knocked two wounds off the Cart and killed four zombies, tying things up.

In the Dwarf turn, the Organ Gun let loose with another ten shots, this time shredding the unit of Executioners inching out in front of it, killing eight... The Warriors marched forwards into the centre of the board, while in combat, the Shades and Thunderers each killed one of the other, and tied combat. Finally, the Vampire killed three Longbeards, who managed only two wounds in return, and promptly failed their Leadership and fled off the board. Points well spent there...

The Orcs began their Turn Two by charging the block of Night Goblins through the wood (which turned out to be a Wild Wood) into the Black Knights. The Shaman cast Sneaky Stabbin' on them, and also stole a Dwarf dispel dice. In combat, the Cart killed two more Orcs from 9 attacks, while the zombies failed to even scratch them. In return, the Big Boss killed three zombies, and the Orcs killed six more. The Black Knights killed the sole remaining boar on the Orc chariot, before being hacked down by the wave of onrushing Gobbos, who lost only one of their number.

Ending Turn Two, the Dark Elves, reeling from the barrage of the Organ Gun, moved into slightly less open positions, and attempted to cast Plague of Rust and Searing Doom again. Once again, the Dwarf resistance to magic did them proud, and they dispelled both. Meanwhile, the Dark Riders shot and killed two of the Orcs accompanying the BSB, while the Shades killed another Thunderer. Once again, the two remained tied up in combat.

Turn Three



At the start of what turned out to be the final turn, the Undead went all in with a series of charges. The Skeletons and Cairn-Wraith Zombies charged the flank and front of the Warriors respectively, whilst the Necromancer's Zombies crashed into the flank of the Orc General's mob, replacing the zombies who had been cut down only moments before. Each side killed six of the other, while the Skeletons killed only a single Warrior for 5 lost zombies in response.

The Dwarfs, with nothing to move, began their turn by opening fire with the Organ Gun, killing the Dark Elf Sorceress, only to realise that she was the only thing left on the board capable of harming the Ethereal Cairn Wraith... Bugger. In combat, the Shades killed two more of the Thunderers without loss, while the Vampire killed four Warriors, and the Wraith another. Rallying his troops, the Thane killed two zombies, and the Warriors two more.

The Orcs, in true Greenskin fashion, turned their right flank into one giant brawl by charging the big mob of Spear Goblins into the flank of the Zombies that were currently assaulting the flank of the Orcs, who were fighting the Corpse Cart to their front... whew...
The Cart killed two Orcs, only to be chopped into kindling by the enraged Big Boss. The zombies then killed a further Orc, before being utterly annihilated by the flanking Night Goblins and Shaman!

And lastly (but not least!), the Dark Elves weren't quite finished either. Charging forward with curses on their lips, the Dreadlord-led Dreadspears thundered into the second mob of Orcs. The Elvish general singled out the Big Boss with the Battle Standard, both champions pushing their way through the thronging masses to square off in a test of martial prowess. Orcish brawn proved no match for lithe, Elven speed however, and the Dreadlord - striking first - slashed the big Greenskin down. Spurred on by their General's success, the Dreadspears stabbed another ten Orcs, losing only four of their own. Behind them, the Dark Riders raced around the forest and peppered the Goblin bowmen with their crossbows, dropping three. Down at the bottom, the Shades tried to finish off the Thunderers, only managing to kill one. The lone Thunderer Veteran held his ground in true Dwarfish fashion, digging in his heels and preparing for a glorious death.
Faced with vengeful Elves, and with their Boss and Battle Standard Bearer bleeding out in the mud, the Orcs broke and ran, only to find their escape route blocked by the Dark Riders, who cut them down as they fled!



Determining a winner was difficult, for a number of reasons. One of those was a lack of ready access to that damnable VC list. Near as I can tell, there would not be an outright winner as it stands, with the VCs on about 385 VPs, the Dark Elves on about 372, and the Orcs on around 345. My Dwarfs, on the other hand, suffered a nasty defeat.

Things to take away from the game? We really need to find time to play more games! Part of the reason it took so long was that we were all new or pretty rusty...
Also, four-way games are confusing and brutal!

Anyway, I hope people enjoy reading the report, and if anyone has any comments or suggestions, they are of course very welcome! Cheers!

Salty :)

17-08-2014, 19:35
Nice report but I have suspicion this would be enjoyed more on the Fantasy section than on the bolter&laser side :D

17-08-2014, 19:35
Just realised this is in the wrong forum, too. :shifty:

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Salty :)

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Just realised this is in the wrong forum, too. :shifty:

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Salty :)

These happens ;)

Not sure how good idea it was to have long beards all that lonely. Been a while since I played with dwarves but generally I found dwarves work better with more compact blocks with mutual support. Alone vs vampire army seems like they would get killed too easily. At least I would have liked to have in that case bit beefier(mostly in terms of survivability) character lead them rather than runesmith.

17-08-2014, 20:11
They were a bit closer together than the pics make it look ;)

But yeah, I agree. They ended up out there, mainly, because they were immune to fear. I'd intended to place the Warriors closer to them, but bottled it when the Shades and Executioners were deployed so close to my Organ Gun...

(Mods have been messaged to shift this, incidentally :p)

Salty :)

18-08-2014, 13:56
Sounds like a fun game :yes:

If youre into multiplayer warhams I suggest you check out triumph and treachery

18-08-2014, 19:56
A good read, thanks for taking the time to write it! :yes:

I absolutely love the way you write background for your games: more of that please! If you find the time after one of your next battle, you should try to write the battle report "in character", I'd love to read that.

But the most important question is: did you and your friends have fun? Chaos and "dammit, I don't know the rules" don't really matter as long as you enjoy the game. :)

20-08-2014, 09:49
Oh yeah, it's pretty much always fun. Especially so in larger games, when you have to think carefully about which player to be a bigger d*** towards each turn... :p

Salty :)