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19-08-2014, 12:23

I have played a couple of 600 point games with my orcs and goblins but in a few weeks time I will be playing 1500. Probably against Vampire counts

So far I have the following models

10 Black Orcs
1 Goblin Shaman
4 Night Goblin Fanatics
20 Night Goblin Regiment
10 Goblin Wolf Riders
10 Savage Orcs
10 Orc Boyz
1 Goblin Wolf Chariot
1 Goblin Rock Lobber
2 Arachnarok Spiders

Before I can think of an army list can you guys/gals help me with what other models I need to buy to make up my numbers or "must have models"
Any hints on an army list would also be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance

20-08-2014, 05:49
The savage orcs need to be bigger, eventually you will want a horde of 40.
The black orcs also need to get bigger, at 1500 you can run a unit of 20, at larger points 28+ is a good number.
You might want an orc shaman (but if you don't want to run the Big Waaagh then they are not essential, but a Savage orc shaman with the shrunken head, in a unit of 40 savage orc bigunz is about as good as orcs get)

You will eventually need to increase the night goblins, 50 gives you solid anvil, you can run them as large as a block of 100. However, at smaller points 40 is plenty.

In short, it looks like you have plenty of the toyz, now you need to add more boyz.

21-08-2014, 13:29
Thanks Russellmoo, I did think of uping my SO & goblins. Looks like gw well be breaking my wallet again!

FarFar GoHai
21-08-2014, 17:45
I dont see any doom divers or mangler sguigs... They are mandatory :-)

21-08-2014, 22:01
I don't like Manglers, just ends up getting traded for chaff. I wouldn't call them mandatory. Doom Divers are good though, a little opposition-dependent, but so great at their niche, you ought to get one. A pair of Spear Chukkas would be good too.

Otherwise, yeah, bulk up on your units. 30+ Savage Orcs and 25+ Black Orcs, minimum. The Goblins don't need to be a huge unit, you can use them as a bunker to hide your Gobbo Shaman in for now. I'd look at getting an Orc Shaman instead, though. I don't like Gobbos, they rarely seem to do much, and if used as a bunker you have to ask yourself what's so great about Little Waaagh!. Big Waaagh! is just much more practical.

22-08-2014, 07:24
Thank guys
I am definitely getting a idea of what I need now. I'll put a list together and see if I have enough/too many points and then make some purchases:
So far I am now looking at
More Black Ocs and Savage Orcs
A Orc shaman
Spear Chukkas
More Goblins
Doom Diver (Can you explain why they are opposition-dependent) as I not played them before

Dark Aly
23-08-2014, 03:18
doom divers are great against small heavily armoured units (knights etc) but don't do enough hits vs units but you can usually find something to hit and with their redirecting ability they are quite good at hitting.

23-08-2014, 18:14
What's the best thing to have against a spirit host or a undead hero that can't be killed without magic I think

19-09-2014, 19:32
Im trying to get myself together a 1000 point list and I was wondering how your own list is going so far? Whats is it looking like right now?

29-09-2014, 12:32
Im trying to get myself together a 1000 point list and I was wondering how your own list is going so far? Whats is it looking like right now?

Well I have played a few games now but I will let you know after I start playing the rules correctly (Face Palm)
I got to the point where I thought... hang on, I know I am new to Orcs and goblins but I must be doing something very wrong as 95% of the time my army except a few units sat and argue with themselves. I then realised that I was doing animosity all wrong, I was rolling 1D6 as thought they failed animosity EVERYTIME!! not rolling to see if they failed it 1st.
Will keep you updated

29-09-2014, 13:04
Haha that would look hilarious flavorwise