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19-08-2014, 14:11
Hi all,

This is the list I plan on taking to a local tournament (50 people). Overall scene is pretty much like other metas dominated by WoC, HE, DE, and OK. Tournaments in my area never allow special characters so fortunately no Throgg lists or other nonsense going on. I have played against lizards, HE and DE with competitive lists with this composition resulting in 2 solid wins (Lizards, DE) and one minor win. Please do fire away your thoughts about this all criticism and suggestions welcome.


LVL 4 Spellweaver, General (Heaven or shadow, undecided yet, clinging towards heavens for the missiles and convergence)

book of ashur
5+ ward

Waystalker, Bow of loren


2 X 10 GG, Trueflights , Musican

1 X 12 GG, Hagbanes, Musican


3 X 7 wild riders, Shields
- one unit champ (had 10p to spare)


1 X 12 Waywatchers
1 X 11

Total: 1998 P

Tactic/deployment: unless enemy seals really well WW scout on opposing flanks in enemy drop zone, depending on whether they can handle the chaff otherwise own flanks

Wild riders 1 each flank, 1 unit held back in the middle to fend of units moving towards GG

Blocks of GG spead out 10 inches apart (Mage switching units) across centre.

A second list I consider playing but haven't tested yet is the following

LVL 4 earthing Rod 4++, elven steed

Waystalker bow of Loren

5 Glade riders, musican , trueflight
5 Glade riders, musican , trueflight
5 Glade riders, musican , hagbane
6 Glade riders, musican , hagbane

7 wild riders , shields
7 wild riders , shields
7 sisters of the torn, banner, lichebone pendant ( 4++ ward/ 3++ vs magic, bunker for the magelord)

12 Waywatchers
11 Waywatchers

1981 points, looking for 1p to add a waywatcher

This list looks incredibly fun to play and downright terrible to play against imho, you only drop 3 things in regular deployment ( WR & Sisters) and all of these have vanguard. The rest of the army is scout or ambush, the slowest thing moves 10 (M5 skirmish, WW) everything else is M9.

thoughts on this one also welcome!